Pakistan's First Internet-based Islamic Insurance company, Coverlo

ByFaisal Chughtai | Published date:

(Image credit: Coverlo)

Coverlo, Pakistan's First Internet-based Islamic Insurance company, is First Digital Takaful's (FDT) product. Coverlo is a step ahead in the evolution of traditional insurance techniques. A streamlined procedure for providing Shariah-compliant services in a paperless environment that eliminates all difficulties.

SECP's Regulatory Sandbox will govern Coverlo's operations. Such technology and innovation, which have never been seen before in Pakistan's insurance business, will permanently change the insurance order by offering the most efficient safety and protection. In addition, Coverlo provides for the financial inclusion of the most significant proportion of the population by catering exclusively to millennials and GenerationZ.

It is the platform to pick for ultimate comfort and ease due to its accessibility throughout Pakistan and availability on all platforms, including Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones. Their bilingual FAQs and policies are likewise intended to appeal to our target market. They are especially interested in enabling our clients so that they can deal with any setback or difficulty that may arise in their lives. We've done so while simultaneously providing a financial benefit.

Personal Health Takaful, Family Health Takaful, Personal Accident Takaful, Domestic Travel Takaful, and Home Takaful are among FDT's offerings. In the event of an accident or sickness, the Personal Health Takaful offers customer-protected hospitalization insurance. The policy has several unique characteristics, including quick and inexpensive access to Tele-Medicine and over 100 hospitals. FDT's Family Health Takaful is hospitalization insurance that protects the client, their spouse, and their children in the event of an accident or sickness. In addition, the family is protected against in-patient costs, ensuring the customer's financial security.

Moreover, personal Accident Takaful covers the client and his family in the event of an accident or Permanent Disability, as well as medical bills and repatriation fees. FDT Domestic Travel Takaful provides several benefits to its customers to protect them from various dangers, such as personal accidents, medical crises, and luggage loss. FDT's House Takaful is designed to offer comprehensive coverage for a customer's home structure and contents, including cash and home jewellery protection.

Coverlo's mission is to provide Islamic insurance in the most efficient, Shariah-compliant, ethical, passionate, and innovative way possible. We want to safeguard our consumers against life's difficulties. We plan to expand our project to include other goods such as health insurance for the elderly, motor insurance, and international travel insurance. We are the ideal and trustworthy Islamic Insurance platform because of our innovation and customer-centric policies.