Top 15 Clothing Brands in Pakistan - List of Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2021

ByFaisal Chughtai

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Pakistan continues to be a nation-state that understands all four seasons in the atmosphere. The general people who are living in our lovely country are aware of how amazing it is to live from side to side in all four seasons, from the blooming of gorgeous plant life in spring to the freezing wintertime twilights.

Furthermore, with such a wide range of options, people must plan accordingly.

Trademarked fashion has a high value in Pakistan since it is not any less luxurious than an extravagance. Top clothing brands in Pakistan that work as a team to distribute the best fabric.

As a result, various clothing brands in Pakistan sell fashionable as well as lovely items. Women's clothing brands in Pakistan, on the other hand, are of such high quality that any female would like to wear them.

As a result, Pakistani society recreates its hilarious traditional older days, with celebrations held in high regard. It doesn't matter whether it's Eid or a wedding ceremony for a couple. When it comes to these incidents, Pakistanis are outspoken and style aware to some level.

Men may not have a wide range of options; on the other hand, mighty ladies must dress in stylish attire to seem superior to their nobility.

As a result, fresh abilities and products have surfaced to become acknowledged for providing the most outstanding assemblages for womenfolk.

The Following Is A List Of Women's Clothing Brands In Pakistan



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Sapphire is a product that appeals to ladies of all ages. Because of its lenient as well as high-quality substance, distinctive tactics, superior patterns, and pigment comparison, it remains a popular superb option for everyone.

Sapphire is also famous for both men's clothing brands in Pakistan as well as women's clothing brands in Pakistan.

It includes anything from casual to fancy apparel. Sapphire becomes widely available shortly after its introduction.

However, the sewn assemblage offers designer as well as nice-looking alternatives, the unstitched assemblage which lead them the most popular clothing brands in Pakistan. Sapphire also sells shoes, shoulder bags, accessories, and clothing. Its price range normally begins at 3000 rs.



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Khaadi has established itself as a popular as well as a reasonably priced top fashion trend in Pakistan. There are a variety of options available, including unstitched, formal clothes, and others.

Alternatively, the preliminary sum is astounding, at just 1800 rs for a well-known fashion brand. When we talk about the top 20 clothing brands in Pakistan, then Khaadi is one of them.

Since its inception in the apparel industry in 1998, Khaadi has established itself as one of the most distinctive clothing brands in Pakistan.

It began with a hand-woven kurta and has since evolved to be a popular choice for almost all types of female attire. Khaadi also sells kurtas for males, and also it's one of the best men's clothing brands in Pakistan. Its charge collection begins at 2500 rs.



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Generation is a well-known clothing brand in Pakistan due to its small yet bendable shareholdings. Generation stays for sure to include some girls.

Every season, Generation never fails to experiment with and share newfangled appearances. Generation is still a women's clothing brand in Pakistan that takes pleasure in the application of femininity.



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Limelight remains a well-known female top clothing brand in Pakistan, offering unique eastern and western clothing designs at reasonable prices. The unstitched collection, on the other hand, offers stunning patterns that any female would like. Furthermore, the costs are modest, ranging from 900 to 1000 rs.



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In Pakistan, Sana Safinaz's style similarity is still referred to as Sana Safinaz. The superiority of clothing materials in relation to the expectations of womenfolk in terms of style. Their fashions are always pompous up to now sophisticated, and they always have a very sparkling aspect.

Sana Safinaz never fails to experiment with and share newfangled appearances at any time of year. Sana Safinaz's is still a women's clothing brand in Pakistan that takes pleasure in applying femininity. Their usual foundation value is still $4000.



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A well-known Islamic scholar owned Junaid Jamshed with an evident passion for ethnic wear. The garments offer one-of-a-kind patterns and contemporary shapes that will complement your body type. They also offer apparel for men and children. Prices start at PKR 1800, which is reasonable for such high quality.



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Gul Ahmed has established itself as a popular as well as a competitively priced premier fashion clothing brand in Pakistan.

There are a variety of options available, including unstitched, formal clothes, and others. Alternatively, the preliminary sum is astounding, at just 1800 rs for a well-known fashion brand.

It began with a hand-woven kurta and has since evolved to be a popular choice for almost all types of female attire. Gul Ahmed also sells kurtas for males. Its charge collection begins at 2500 rs.



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Bonanza Satrangi creates feminine clothing intending to empower people to feel comfortable in their bodies. It is one of Pakistan's most popular apparel companies. Bonanza Satrangi also caters to ladies, men, and children. Because it is a one-stop store, its starting price is PKR 1250.

The following is a list of men's clothing brands in Pakistan



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Regardless of ethnic or religious convictions, the Pakistani fashion industry has always welcomed designers. He is a well-known Hindu Indian designer.

On the other hand, since it operates not only in Pakistan but all over the globe, it must outperform this brand in terms of variety. You can guess how high their professionalism and quality areas are—international norms. Not only are the designs fashionable, but they are also distinct from what other businesses have to offer.



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Fashion has become extremely accessible to individuals from all walks of life. Thus stylish clothing is always prior no matter what class you belong to. Aijaz Aslam is one of the names responsible for significant innovations in men's fashion.

Aijaz Aslam is a well-known personality in the entertainment world. He is a talented actor who is well-known for his acting abilities.

Aijaz Aslam decided to test the waters by launching his own design company, which proved to be a big success. Success comes from knowing how to dress, and the same is true for him. It has an excellent recipe for consumer design.

His design line is successful since he already manufactures menswear, such as beautiful undergarments, fitted suits, and festive sherwanis. Aijaz is well-known for his modest attire rather than his exhibitions.

Aijaz Aslam believes in the creation of wearable clothing, yet his garments have more colors and styles than fashion trends from a decade ago, which is fantastic news.



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Everyone likes to look nice, and Pakistani culture has its fair share of parties and festivities, so it's understandable that guys are always on the lookout for the top designers and brands in the city. This takes us to Amir Adnan, the most well-known designer. He is perhaps the most well-known and regarded Pakistani designer.

Amir Adnan has an excellent reputation in the menswear industry. Furthermore, Amir Adnan is the first Pakistani brand to have a physical presence outside of Pakistan. It is Pakistan's leading men's apparel brand.

The Following Are Some International Clothing Brands Available in Pakistan

Pakistan has grown into a strong board in the fashion industry and may play an essential role in venture opportunities.

Pakistan has successfully built a strong brand of itself ahead of the intercontinental community in the preceding few years. Pakistani Apparel Products from Around the World.



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Levi's has been the most trusted International trademark in clothing brands in Pakistan. With undeniably high consumer development, Levi's has been Pakistanis' primary choice in terms of an international brand. It is worth noting that Levi's has over 2800 channels throughout the globe.

This multinational trademark is associated with a wide range of clothing and sportswear.

Levis also makes unexpected clothing as well as denim chemises and also covers for customers. It continues to be the most common amongst young schoolboys and teens.



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Pepe Jeans, rather than the suggested label, is well-known for providing faultless denim accessories to its customers. It features some of the best covers as well as denim to discount on.

In 1973, this Intercontinental trademark was well-known since it has been carrying out its functions.

It anticipated a great lot of appreciation after investing in Pakistan. It is no surprise that it is regarded as the pioneer among denim clothing brands in Pakistan.



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Mantra proposes spaghetti western outfits for Pakistani ladies. Along with fashionable clothing, they also have trappings and necklaces. It asserts a modern appearance by irksome sophisticated western types of apparel, as well as the superiority of being comfortable for lengthy times.

Furthermore, it has authentic basic features that make it attractive, despite the fact that the incredible synthesis of attributes makes it much more attractive.

When it comes to women's fashion, there are no limits; you can take anything you want and make it stylish, which will create a new trend; nevertheless, when it comes to the list of Pakistani menswear companies, one of the brands is restricted. Western apparel brands available in Pakistan include:

Men's fashion is seen as limited due to the way it is constructed. Because the male line, whether denim, kurta, or shalwar kameez, is only available in black, white, and grey. The uniformity of dark colors appeals to them. They also want to be on the safe side.



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It is a woman-friendly international company that deals with all forms of women's clothing and accessories. Mango continues to get a lot of praise and appreciation from ladies throughout the country.

MANGO is a Spain-based brand with specific goals in the female fashion market. It sells female clothing, footwear, backpacks, and a variety of other fashion-related items.