Dlims Tracking – Everything You Need to Know About Online Driving License Tracking

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This article discusses the different methods of acquiring the license in Pakistan and different dlims tracking methods, so without further ado, let's get started.

A driving license in Pakistan is one of the most important things in the lives of every citizen of Pakistan. A driving license is a document that allows us to travel anywhere freely.

When you reach the age of 18, you can apply for a driving license in Pakistan. The license is valid for five years, and the license holder must carry it with him at all times.

Pakistan has one of the most liberal traffic laws in the world. It has very lenient traffic rules. The law is so liberal that anyone can drive on the roads without a license. However, a person who is above the age of 18 years is required to hold a driving license.

Obtaining your driver's license is not a simple undertaking. Your driver's license cannot be provided to you until you have passed the driving test. Many drivers were compelled to spend hours waiting at authorized centers, while others continued to drive even though they did not have a valid driving license.

Because of the most recent advances and changes adopted to guarantee that traffic regulations are effectively applied, many vehicle owners are hurrying to license centers to receive their licenses to operate their vehicles. With regard to past practices, every applicant for a driving license who chose to do so was needed to attend an authorized center with all of the relevant personal documentation.

But what if we told you that you could go through the whole procedure on your computer? Yes! How many people were aware that the government has made it simpler for drivers to get their licenses in recent years? If this is the case, please allow us to share the wonderful news with others.

The Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS), which is a component of the government's Digital Punjab effort, may aid you in having your driving license sent to your home or place of business.

The driving license in Pakistan is issued by the DLIMS, which is responsible for overseeing the operations of all forms of motorized vehicles within the country. All types of licenses, including driver's license, learner driver's license, provisional driver's license, etc., are issued by DLIMS. Every applicant has to undergo an extensive application process to obtain a driver's license in Pakistan.

It will be discussed in detail in this blog post the procedures involved in applying for, validating, and monitoring your driving license using the DLIMS system.

We will first discuss DLIMS. Punjab and how you may benefit from the website offered by the Punjab government. We will also discuss DLIMS. Punjab's mission statement.

DLIMS Punjab

dlims tracking

According to the International Driving License Association, a web-based system is now used to maintain driving licenses in most nations, including the United States.

Online monitoring and verification of drivers' licenses are only a few driving license management systems' functions. Many other countries, including many provinces in Pakistan, embrace this technique to enhance workflow and raise overall production.

A project of the Punjab government, the Driving License Management System (DLMS), aims to automate the process of driving license management in the province, including the issuance, renewal, and upgrade of licenses, as well as the management of driving records.

It is now in the very early phases of development, as said. All of these operations linked to the administration of driver licenses must be carried out across the province, and this is a must.

In addition to making handling driving licenses more effective than before, the claims tracking license Punjab system has been deployed.

This tracking system's primary goal is to centralize all driving license management issues, such as the challan ticketing system, the availability of an extensive database, the investigation of vehicle-related crimes, the maintenance of the province's vehicle database, and to act as a focal point for collaboration with other federal agencies.

A new automated system for issuing, renewing, and upgrading Punjab driver's licenses is being developed in Phase II of the Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS). All of these events take place across the province of Punjab. In addition to providing speedy service to the public, this state-of-the-art automated driving licenses system also delivers precise data to the DLIMS. Punjab administration and other authorities.

A few of DLIMS's most distinguishing traits are listed below.

  • Provisional driving licenses are provided to those who meet the requirements.
  • The distribution of challan tickets is taking place.
  • This database will include driving licenses for the whole province of Punjab and will be consolidated.
  • DLIMS is a system that is used to keep track of driving permits.
  • Upon receiving the application and verification of the applicant's identification, the driving license will be sent through a courier service.
  • The procedure is transparent, and this is guaranteed throughout.

How Do I Submit a Driving License Application Using DLIMS?

If you want further information on how to apply for your driver's license dlims online, go to the DLIMS website and start by clicking on the 'Apply Now button, which is found towards the top of the page.

Please go to the DLIMS website for a comprehensive list of the necessary documents (which you will need to bring with you to the center).

It's crucial to note that a range of alternatives accessible on the website to choose from while using the service.

It is possible to get a variety of licenses, including a learner's permit, an intermediate license, a permanent license, an international license, an endorsement for your license, and a license renewal.

Check out the list of papers that you'll need to submit with your application for a learner's license in Lahore to see what you'll need to bring with you.

Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to receive your learner's permit. Rickshaws, taxis, and tractors are prohibited from operating until you reach the age of 21. When you receive a learner's permit, it is only valid for six months.

Why Apply for a License in Punjab?

An unprecedented digital driving license system has been implemented in partnership with the Punjab Information Technology Board and the Police Officer Rawalpindi, with licenses issued based on CNIC and bank challan information, rather than the submission of the previously mentioned paperwork, making history in Pakistan.

It is anticipated that residents would be able to receive their licenses on time and without waiting in large queues for hours on end.

If you are unclear about which records to replace them with, you should get advice from a qualified specialist. Check all of the criteria displayed on the sign when you arrive at the driving permit facility when you first arrive.

Many categories are accessible on the official website for the Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS). The Learner's Permit, the Permanent Driving License, and the Commercial Driver's License are all available for purchase on the official website of the Department of Transportation.

Renewal of a license, as well as the issuance of driving licenses for foreign travel (including duplicates), driving license endorsements (including international travel), and driving license renewals (including international travel).

In the Driving License Information Management System (DLMS), an applicant will be able to submit applications for the following licenses and permits:

  • Learner's Permit.
  • Permanent Driver's License.
  • International/Universal Driver's License.
  • Renewal/Regeneration of driving license
  • Authorization of a driving license.
  • Duplicate driving license.
  • Authorization of a driving license.

Verification of a driver's license

The dlims verify option allows you to quickly check your driver's license status if you have one and make sure it is still valid. Simply entering your CNIC number onto the webpage is all that is necessary on your part. You will be asked to validate the captcha text after the system has completed your procedure.

Your license information will be shown when you complete the captcha. This information includes the date of issue, the validity term (how long it will last), and the expiry time of your license.

You will be able to authenticate the driving license of your driver by inputting their CNIC into the site. There is also a captcha, which you must fill out to continue the application. All it takes is one click to get detailed information on the CNIC you provided.

When your driving license is granted, you will be notified of the day it will be issued. In addition, you will discover whether or not the driving license is valid, as well as when it expires, through this process. This tutorial will show you how to do a driver's license dlims online check-in a few easy steps.

How dlims tracking Works (License Tracking)

It is possible to follow the progress of your application online if you have applied for a driver's license via DLIMS. To do so, enter your CNIC (without dashes) on the tracking site of DLIMS, which is available from any computer with an internet connection.

The Track option will appear once you have entered your CNIC and will allow you to see your driving license shipping status.

In the same way, when you hire delivery service and monitor the delivery of your goods, it works here as well. However, it will not offer you the actual location of the item, but it will provide you with an indicator as to whether or not the parcel is ready for delivery.

Nothing more than your CNIC (without any dashes) will be sufficient to locate your driving license.

In a few seconds after clicking on the Track button, you will be able to see your findings. If you entered an inaccurate CNIC, in which case you will see the message "No data detected." So, while writing down the CNIC, proceed with care to avoid making mistakes.

Important things you need to know before applying for a driving license in Pakistan

Required Documents for Learner's Permit

  • CNIC photocopy
  • Postal ticket of Rs. 60
  • Codebook that contains information about traffic laws and rules.
  • Medical certificate from a qualified medical expert.

Required Documents for Permanent license

  • Six weeks old Learner's Permit.
  • An application form: available on DLIMS Wedsite.
  • A medical certificate is required.
  • Three recent attested passport-size photographs.
  • An attested copy of the CNIC.
  • Postal ticket.

Required Documents for a duplicate license

  • A duplicate application form.
  • Two recent attested passport-size photographs.
  • An attested copy of the CNIC.
  • The computer portion contains the date on which the license expires.
  • The FIR from the police station (Lost License Report).

Permanent Driving License Fee

For individuals who drive motorbikes, the cost of taking a motorcycle driving test is PKR 50, and the cost of receiving a motorcycle driving license is PKR 500, which is valid for five years.

This increases the total cost of getting a permanent motorbike license to PKR 550, including all fees and expenditures (about).

Obtaining a driving license for a vehicle costs around PKR 900 in total, which includes the PKR 150 cost of the driving test and the PKR 750 charge for issuing a driving license valid for five years, for a total price of approximately PKR 900 for obtaining a driving license for a car.

If you wish to get a duplicate driving license from the DMV, the following papers should be brought with you.

Duplicate Driving License Fee

  • The cost of a motorbike is PKR 100.
  • If you possess a motor vehicle, you must pay PKR 150 as a registration fee. When it comes to renewing your driver's license, the process is slightly different. The requirements are a little different this time.

How to Get International Driver's License

  • The International Application Form, which is necessary, is included inside the File Cover. The form must be downloaded and completed.
  • A certified copy of the CNIC certificate is required.
  • A verified copy of a current, valid driving license issued in Lahore is needed.
  • A photocopy of a Pakistani passport with a valid visa for at least six months must also be submitted.
  • Two attested image graphs (Passport Size).
  • 66 Dollars Court Fees.
  • 450 PKR bank challan fee.

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