The Tiktok Ban will remain in effect, according to the PTA.

ByFaisal Chughtai | Published date:

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) may reconsider lifting the ban on TikTok in Pakistan if the social media app establishes an appropriate content monitoring process consistent with local laws and cultural values.

Senior government officials told this to a journalist on Wednesday. According to regulators, the restriction on Tik Tok will stay in effect until the video-sharing platform develops an appropriate solution for content control.

Helena Lersch, TikTok's Head of Public Policy-Emerging Markets and Global CSR, and her colleagues visited the PTA Headquarters. The team met in-depth with Chairman PTA to have meaningful interaction with PTA about content filtering according to local laws and cultural standards. According to sources, the PTA expressed its worries while seeing that with fast growth, breaches of local customs and regulations of the area were rising.

During the discussion, TikTok's senior representative emphasized numerous measures being undertaken and future strategy and investment in the local market to ensure Pakistani users have access to secure, productive, instructive, and authentic content.

While recognizing TikTok's efforts, Chairman PTA pledged to continue working with TikTok to develop a mutually acceptable framework for providing users in Pakistan with a secure, legal, and productive internet experience. According to sources, the visit had been planned for over a year but was postponed due to COVID-19 and other issues; nonetheless, PTA welcomed TikTok's leadership visit to Pakistan and addressed lingering problems.

In Pakistan, the video-sharing site is presently restricted. The app was banned for the first time in Pakistan in October 2020. The decision was made in response to complaints about obscene and immoral material, according to the telecom authority.

In July, the PTA again suspended TikTok access for failing to remove objectionable information.

According to TikTok, Pakistan placed second in the world for the most videos taken down for breaking community standards (9,851,404) in the second quarter of this year.

According to TikTok's most recent Community Guidelines Report, 93 percent of videos were deleted within 24 hours of being uploaded for breaking Community Guidelines, and 94.1 percent were removed before a user reported them. Pakistan ranked second globally for the videos banned for Community Guidelines violations in Q2 2021, with 9,851,404 videos removed. TikTok has also improved the mute options for comments and queries during live streaming, allowing producers to silence specific viewers for a few seconds or the full LIVE length.

Looking more carefully at the statistics, 73.3 percent of material advocating harassment and bullying films and 72.9 percent focusing on hateful conduct videos were deleted before being reported, a considerable rise over the first quarter of this year's 66.2 percent and 67 percent, respectively. The advancement is the result of a ground-breaking mix of technology and content moderation by a specialized investigations team, which is utilized to detect films that violate regulations.

Moderators are also trained regularly to properly enforce these regulations to detect material that contains reappropriation, insults, or bullying, and racism.