Every Thing You Need to Know About Free Fire Top Up Pakistan

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

Free fire is a fight royale game that is built for android and IOS. As soon as it was launched, the number of its installations skyrocketed within no time. It is one of the most downloaded apps with 1B+ downloads globally. Gamers from all around the world enjoy this game because of its high quality and unique features.

Free fire can be played on almost every device, such as mobile phones, desktops, etc. Although it is an incredibly popular game, there are few options to play it. Gamers in Pakistan who wonder how to play this game should know that they can play by using BitPay and Garena free-fire top-up accounts.

Garena free fire top-up pk

The gamers living in Pakistan undoubtedly love to play Free Fire games, but very few know how to top up their game. Therefore, for your convenience, we are going to discuss authentic methods to top up your free fire game. There are two easiest methods of doing so. One is through a JazzCash account, and the other is through an Easypaisa account. These two methods are considered the most reliable methods to top-up free fire.

However, except for these two methods, you can also buy free fire top-up diamonds through the Garena top-up website and daraz website. In our article, we are discussing only two methods which are topup free fire Easypaisa and top up free fire JazzCash. The process for the two methods is discussed in detail and step by step so that you can easily buy free fire diamonds in Pakistan.

Free Fire Top-up Pakistan Easy paisa

You can play Free fire top up through the Easypaisa account method because it allows you to buy diamonds for your gaming account. First, you should have an Easypaisa account. If not, download the EasyPaisa app from Playstore or Google, then follow the easy instruction given below to top up free fire through Easypaisa.


● Open the EasyPaisa mobile app and check your account balance, you must have enough balance to buy the diamonds.

● After that, close the app and visit the free fire top-up website.

● Then, on the site, open the top-up price, where you will be asked to enter your Easypaisa account number.

● Enter the number and press continue to proceed further.

● Then, you will be asked to approve the transaction amount. Approve it to proceed to the next step.

● Once you approve, diamonds will be delivered to your free fire top-up account.

Free fire Top-up JazzCash

The second method to play free-fire topup games is through the JazzCash account method. You can conveniently collect diamonds for your free fire account by paying through JazzCash.

Those who want to play free fire top-up game through JazzCash should follow the simple and easy steps:

● First, ensure that you have the JazzCash app already installed on your phone. If not, then download it from google or the play store.

● Once the JazzCash app is downloaded, open the app and check your balance. You must have enough credit in your account to buy diamonds for free fire top-up.

● After checking the balance, close the app and visit the official website of free fire to top up the game.

● Then tap on the top-up price.

● After doing so, the website will ask you to type your jazz cash account number and click the continue tab.

● In the next step, you will have to approve the transaction.

●Once you approve the transaction from the jazz cash account, the diamonds will be transferred to your free fire top-up account successfully.

How to Play Free Fire Top-up game

It is evident that free fire is a fun game to play, but a question arises: how to play it? At first, you will need to create a top-up account by using bank transfer methods and prepaid debit card methods. This way, you can battle with other players and continue the game.

Talking about the free fire game, it is played from a third individual play viewpoint. The new player who joined the game is provided with a plane that flies over an island. From there, the player can leap into any place of his choice.

Then the player has to find huge pr medium WPS, utility, and clinical gears to help them achieve the goal with other players on the internet, whoever survives and stands in the ground till the end wins the game.


Games like free fire are enjoyed thoroughly throughout the globe. Pakistan is in the same race when it comes to gaming. Despite its wonderful features, the free fire game needs a little effort to be played. Two ways, i.e., Easypaisa and JazzCash account, were discussed in the article by using which you can buy diamonds in free fire top-up. Besides, you can also use Garena's official website and daraz accounts, but they are not commonly used in Pakistan.