Auto industry calls on the government to revisit EV export policy

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

With the 2021-22 budget announcements and the new car policy getting closer, all industries, including the automotive sector, are making last-minute attempts to assure benefits for their sectors before their entire year's fortunes are decided.

The recent proliferation of elements from the automobile industry who have sought to approach the government regarding the future car policy is evidence of how desperate the automobile industry is.

Mashood Khan, Director of the Mehran Group and former President of PAAPAM, Pakistan Association of Car Building Parts Manufacturers (PAAPAM), said in the most recent development after contacting a major media outlet that the government should revisit the current auto policy to enhance the growth prospects for the Pakistan export market

Khan remarked, the current approach gives automakers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) considerable complacency, which impedes the industry's ability to cater to its export market." To increase technologies and create export parts from Pakistan, the government needs to develop new EV policies," he added.

He added that the government should encourage OEMs to develop a realistic plan for the export of left-hand driving vehicles to nations that require such vehicles to take full benefit of the global electric car revolution. He explained

It said that Pakistan already has an ideal trade channel in the shape of Gwadar Port with Europe, which will serve as a competitive advantage for the country if engaged in the above-mentioned commercial activity.

The government should encourage OEMs that have a realistic plan to export left-hand drive automobiles to nations that demand them to fully take advantage of the worldwide revolution of electric cars (EV).

He stated that Pakistan already has a fantastic trade channel with Europe as Gwadar port. If it engages in the above-mentioned commercial activity, that will serve as a competitive advantage for Pakistan.

To promote the healthier organic growing dynamic in the market, Khan advocated that the government build dedication to the foreign market research center to explore progressive development prospects properly.

He urged that the authorities develop an extensive coaching program to provide car parts makers with the necessary tools to cope with worldwide markets.