Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Verification in Islamabad - Ultimate Guide

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Purchasing a car has become a necessity for people who live in metropolitan areas; it has become necessary for them to have a vehicle for a variety of reasons. However, because more than half of Pakistan's population is from the middle- and upper-middle classes and cannot afford to purchase a brand-new car, they rely on purchasing used/second-hand vehicles.

Using a second-hand automobile has its own set of advantages, and you can also use it for testing and practice purposes. However, the most important thing to remember when purchasing a used car is always to check the vehicle you are purchasing. Verification entails determining whether or not the automobile you are purchasing has previously been registered with the Excise and Taxation Department by examining the owner's details. It confirms the seller's validity as well as the legal rights to the vehicle you are purchasing.

Car verification is critical; if you ignore this phase, there is a good possibility you will have a lot of trouble in the future. Because most illicit automobiles are not registered, and you have no knowledge about the legality of the car when you acquire it. Using Vehicle Verification, you may verify the details of any vehicle by giving basic information, which includes the registration number or, if appropriate, the owner's Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number.

Most individuals are hesitant to perform these processes since they are often quite complicated and turn out to be very long, as well as traveling to Government offices and standing in lines while waiting for your number demands a lot of energy and time. Because of advances in technology, this verification may also be done online, although very few people are aware of the specific procedure.

The verification method differs for each province, as well as for the ICT (Islamabad capital territory). This article will walk you through the complete excise and taxation Islamabad vehicle verification process.

Vehicle Verification Islamabad:

The excise and taxes department is in charge of car registration and verification across the nation. The excise and taxes department's website is the only one that can be used for online registration and verification, therefore don't consider any other website for such sensitive operations other than the official one.


The Department of Excise and Taxation has released the Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS), which is designed specifically for vehicle registration and verification. The excise and taxes department's efforts have made these time-consuming and perplexing processes painless and straightforward.

The MTMIS system assists you in verifying the car/motorbike you are purchasing; it is the primary repository of all information regarding vehicle registration, verification, laws and problems, criminal histories, and traffic violations.

By supplying simple information, they provide you with all necessary information on the car and its seller, assisting you in avoiding any sort of fraud and confirming that you are purchasing an actual and approved vehicle rather than an illegal or stolen one.

You will need the following papers for verification:

Before we get into the actual verification procedures, let's go through the essential and relevant papers that you may need anywhere along the way.

The following are the papers you must take with you:

  • Book of Registration
  • Tax Token Record.
  • Letter of Delivery
  • Receipt of Purchase
  • Plates with numbers
  • Statement of Original Sale
  • Return Folder Original

Vehicle verification methods include the following:

We have devised a number of techniques for vehicle verification in Islamabad, including both online vehicle verification Islamabad and personal visits/physical verification.

Through the official website:

Suppose you are unable to visit the office and are experiencing problems getting SMS. Then there's another option for you: you may validate your automobile online from the comfort of your own home. This is the most convenient, frictionless, and secure method of doing your vehicle verification procedure. It is the most trusted and recommended technique by the excise and taxes department following a personal visit.

In this procedure, you must follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the official website of "The Excise and Taxation Department."
  • Scroll down or search for "online services" and choose it.
  • Then select "car information" and click on it.
  • After that, input your car registration number on the screen choices that display.
  • You must also enter your registration date there.
  • As a consequence, you will have access to all of your vehicle's pertinent information.

Physical/personal visitation:

If you live in Islamabad and don't know much about the car verification procedure, you should go to the excise department, which is located near the HEC headquarters in Sector H-9 Islamabad. You may discuss your difficulties and express your worries to the department's representative, and you will receive information as a result.

However, before visiting the facility, bear the following considerations in mind:

  • Keep all of the relevant papers with you so that you don't have to return again and again and so that they can quickly complete your verification procedure all at once.
  • Know their office hours, and don't visit the department during off-duty hours; otherwise, you'll have many problems.
  • Do not visit the department on official holidays, and do not go during office breaks; otherwise, you may have to wait.

Some useful information:

  • Address: Sector H-9, service road, Islamabad, near the HEC headquarters.
  • Call No: You may also contact them before going to inquire about necessary papers and their timeliness by dialing the following numbers:
  • 051-9265588 is the phone number.
  • 03455232512 is a mobile number.
  • etd.ddo@islamabadexcise.gov.pk is the email address.

Using mobile apps:

Another technique of vehicle verification is via Android applications. There are various private mobile applications created and available on the Google Play store that will aid you with your verification procedure. This is also a simple way.

However, since none of these applications are recognized by the excise and VAT agency, it is a little problematic. It is entirely up to you whether or not to use this option. We recommend that you use them with caution. The following are some well-known mobile phone applications for vehicle verification Islamabad: Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle Verification, Online Car Verification, Online Vehicle Verification, and Pakistan Vehicle Verification.

You may find and download these applications by searching for them in the Google Play store.

Using the SMS service:

Suppose you have some knowledge but are unable to attend the office in person. In that case, there is another form of verification for you, which is the excise and taxation Islamabad vehicle verification SMS method. This is the most common situation, and it should be your first focus. According to the reviews of a few experts, this method may be unresponsive at times, and you may suffer delays. Still, if you are purchasing a car registered in Islamabad, this may be the quickest process for you, among others.

All you have to do in this procedure is:

  • Navigate to your cell phone's SMS app.
  • Enter your vehicle registration number/license plate number in the message box field.
  • Also, please email it to 8521.
  • You will get an SMS with all of your vehicle's details within a few minutes.

Received Data After completing the Process:

Now that you are aware of all the ways to verify the automobile you want to purchase from someone else. And you are aware that you will obtain car information when completing the procedure online or by SMS. As a result, the following information will be included in the final output of your process:

  • Number of Registration
  • Date of Registration
  • Type of vehicle
  • Year of production.
  • Color of the vehicle.
  • No. of Engine
  • No. of Chassis
  • Token for Taxes Paid
  • The owner's name


So, to protect yourself from future scams, be careful to check the vehicle you are purchasing from someone else. It is a necessary step when purchasing a car. The Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad, provides verification services on its official website, where one can simply verify their motor/vehicle. Even after purchasing the vehicle/motorbike, you may utilize this technique to determine whether or not the vehicle is registered in your name.

Finally, we must highlight that, after NADRA introduced smart, chip-based identification cards, the Excise and Taxation Department has also developed smart, chip-based vehicle registration cards. That smart card has now taken the place of the registration book, which had been supplied to owners for many years. Always remember to get your vehicle smart registration card after acquiring a new car/vehicle/bike in order to have ownership documentation for future usage.

We have included all of the relevant information and instructions about vehicle verification in Islamabad in this post; we hope this is useful to you and that the verification procedure is now much easier. It would be best if you simply chose the way that is ideal for you but be careful during the procedure.