Huawei sets up a new R&D company for electric vehicles and related technologies.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

China's EV industry has been scorching hot this year, as more firms enter the region's electric vehicle production game.

Through Huawei's new firm, Huawei Digital Energy Technology Co. Ltd., they are doing R and D into new technologies relevant to electric vehicles and related infrastructure.

Huawei has demonstrated a strong interest in the electric vehicle business over the last two years, manufacturing several devices and associated software for other automakers and consumers.

Huawei intends to work on state-of-the-art research and development of electric vehicles, futuristic energy technologies, energy recovery systems, and electromechanical coupling systems, among other things, as part of China's development plan for its new-energy vehicle industry from 2021-2035, a proposal that aims to transform the country into an automotive powerhouse.

According to Huawei's statement, their standing as a worldwide leader in multiple industries provides its own advantages, and other brands, including multinational corporations, have intensified partnerships with Chinese manufacturers to enhance vehicle manufacturing.

At the moment, automotive manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Audi, and Rolls-Royce are eyeing the Chinese tech market in order to push EV growth in their domestic production cycles.