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Consider the following scenario: you are a Karachi resident who wants to register and validate your car online. If such is the case, this article will be of great use to you, as it will instruct you on how to register and validate your car online. In this post, we'll talk about online vehicle verification in Karachi as well as the registration procedure. We will cover the significance of automobiles, how they may be registered and certified, and why we should do so in a nutshell before getting into the specifics of the matter. These days, the usage of automobiles for speedy mobility has become a must in our daily life.

We rely on vehicles for a great deal of our activities, whether it's to and from work or to attend a training program. In these situations, as well as when moving huge items from one area to another, obtaining fast online shopping delivery, or traveling to the grocery store or shopping center, we need transportation.

Additionally, automobiles are employed in the sports industry for racing, and as a result, they play an important part in our daily lives.

Regardless of where you live, how you live, and what you do for a living, whether the vehicle is a bus, a car, a bicycle, a truck, or a private automobile, transportation is essential for everyone in the world, regardless of their age, gender, or occupation. When traveling large distances, choosing this mode of transportation is advantageous since it allows you to arrive on time at your destination.

Registration of a vehicle might save you time, and if you intend to purchase a new automobile, you must immediately register your vehicle ownership. After paying the money, you will get your registration certificate and license plate.

You will be issued a registration certificate after paying the appropriate purchase price plus applicable taxes and being granted permission to operate a motor vehicle on public roadways. For the government, the ability to hunt down criminals and levy taxes is very advantageous.

Vehicle Verification Karachi

If you are unable to afford a brand new automobile, you may purchase a used car; nevertheless, you must never forget to have the old vehicle thoroughly inspected. Before engaging in any transactions, you must check that you are engaging in lawful activities and that the car will not provide any future problems. It is possible to get information on the vehicle by using an online vehicle checker for this purpose.

In addition to providing all critical information about the vehicle, such as its ownership details, fees, and taxes, You will be able to establish whether or not the car has been stolen in this manner. To check that the vehicle you are purchasing is registered with the Excise and Taxation Department, the vendor's legitimacy, and the legal rights associated with the vehicle.

Registration and verifying your car are very crucial since failing to do so can result in issues in the future. If your paperwork is not adequate, you may be fined, or your luxury vehicle may be taken as a result.

Throughout this post, we'll talk about online vehicle verification in Karachi, in addition to CLCP vehicle verification in Karachi. It will assist you in determining the legal rights of the automobile you want to purchase. Each of our provinces has its own version of this method. Each province has established its own set of car taxation, vehicle verification, and vehicle registration procedures. Similarly, different norms are specified for the province of Sindh.

The Excise and Taxation Department of Karachi provides online vehicle verification using a graphical user interface and an application.

The Department of Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics monitors the vehicle verification process in Karachi, Sindh. In Sindh, according to the official Excise and Taxation website, there are now 2.6 million registered autos, and the number is increasing on a daily basis. As the significant revenue collecting agency for the Sindh government, the Excise and Taxation Department is also in charge of vehicle registration, whether private or commercial, in order to establish ownership.

You may pay a visit to their office and inquire about the vehicle's ownership. Due to the fact that visiting their office for this job is a time-consuming activity, technology improvements have enabled you to check the automobile verification now online. And in order to do this, they have developed an online automobile verification platform in Karachi.

The CPLC car verification process in Karachi

Another alternative, in addition to verifying car data on MTMIS or the official application of the Excise and Taxation Department, is to check the vehicle details on the Central Public Licensing Corporation (CPLC) (Citizens Police Liaison Committee). Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, then-Governor of Sindh, established the Civil Public Limited Company (CPLC) as a non-political, statutory organization that is operationally autonomous and managed by devoted individuals who volunteer their services.

CPLC maintains a comprehensive database that contains all of the information on automobiles on Karachi's roads. One may visit the CPLC office or contact them if they have any questions concerning a certain vehicle.

Step 1

Call the CPLC Call Center at 021-35662222 or 021-35682222 at any time of day or night for vehicle verification.

Step 2

Provide the operator with your vehicle's registration number, engine number, and chassis number so that they may accurately verify your vehicle.

Step 3

Next, the operator will run the car's information through the CPLC Stolen / Snatched Vehicles Database to ensure that the vehicle you wish to purchase is legitimate.

It is possible to report a stolen vehicle to the police station as well as the CPLC vehicle verification Karachi center. Contact them via their hotline and offer them information about your car.

CPLC will also transmit this information forward to the Police Control for future airing by the police. Following the receipt of information from Police Control, the information about a stolen vehicle will be placed into the CPLC Database system.


The web-based management information system (MTMIS), which Pakistan's government has adopted in all provinces, is very user-friendly. In the same vein, it has also been founded in Sindh and is associated with the excise department.

This web portal assists in the organization of all vehicle registration information. People may view their cars' status from anywhere at any time, which helps to reduce the amount of fraud and the amount of stolen automobiles traded throughout the world. Simple information such as the vehicle's registration number or your CNIC number is all that is required. Providing other information is optional.

This technique also assists in saving a person's money and time by eliminating the need to go to the office in order to get such critical information and then wait in line for your turn to be processed.

The benefit of having an online system is that you may access it at any time and from any location you want. What is the best way to utilize MTMIS for online verification? The following is the procedure:

In Karachi, Sindh, the MTMIS is used for online vehicle verification.

  • Visit the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department's official website for further information (ENT)
  • Select the sort of vehicle you want, such as four-wheelers or two-wheelers.
  • Input the registration number of the car.
  • Solve the captcha puzzle and then click on the search button.

After you have verified the information you have entered, you will be provided with the following information about your car.

  • Registration number
  • Owner Name
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Body Type
  • Model Year
  • Safe Custody
  • CPLC
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Seating Capacity

Vehicle registration with the use of a "SMART CARD":

The government of Sindh has established a new method for the registration of automobiles. The old registration book is being replaced with a smart card with security features, known as the MVR. According to Sindh Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla, it would make it simpler for law enforcement personnel to ascertain who is responsible for a crime. According to him, the Department of Excise and Revenue has already created an online tax payment system to accept payments from taxpayers. The Sindh Excise and Taxation Department has implemented a 'Smart Card instead of the previous registration book.

You may now obtain essential information such as how many vehicles are registered in your name by just entering your CNIC into the system. We've given a thorough explanation to aid you in understanding how things function in this section.

It is mandatory to transfer ownership of a vehicle when selling it; nevertheless, many individuals in Sindh choose to skip this step when acquiring or selling a vehicle, which is a typical business practice in the state.

ePayment GoS:

In addition to checking if your tax is current or not, the Sindh Excise and Taxation Department has introduced this application for automobile verification and tax compliance.

To use the program, you only need to open it and input the vehicle registration number. The application will then tell you if the vehicle is registered or not and provide tax information for both four and two-wheeled vehicles.

Checking the authenticity of a car's license plate or calculating vehicle taxes are two of the features available via this app. The user may validate the license plate number by manually entering the automobile number in the appropriate field.

With the help of this software, users may determine if their car is registered or not, as well as whether their tax is present or not.


After reading this article, you will be aware of the many methods by which you may verify and register your car in Karachi.

Verifying and registering your vehicle is crucial to consider before entering into a transaction. Even after purchasing, you might double-check the authenticity of the item.

It would be best to ensure that your vehicle is properly registered in compliance with the appropriate rules; this will help alleviate your concerns. You must have a registered vehicle in order to enjoy a pleasant driving experience on the road.

When it comes time for you to sell your registered vehicle in the future, you will not have any difficulties. In Karachi, all of the approaches listed above have been implemented for vehicle verification in Karachi.

Sindh's Online Vehicle Verification service can aid you in avoiding legal difficulties while purchasing a vehicle in the state.

The MTMIS Sindh system has shown to be quite effective in combating automobile fraud and other frauds. MTMIS Sindh provides coverage for both automobiles and motorcycles.