All automobile manufacturers reported significant price reductions for their vehicles.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

The revised prices have been implemented. The public has been expected a drop in pricing from car manufacturers since the introduction of 2021, the financial plan, and the new car policy.

The new car pricing structure will be applied during the next 1-2 days. Between Rs104,458 and Rs142,388 will be saved on the purchase of cars up to 850cc.

Car rates will degrade from Rs112,118 — Rs186,375 between 1001cc–1500cc. The price of a 1800cc automobile would be reduced by Rs169,958, and Rs229,458 will reduce the cost of a 2000cc car.

CKD units (cars over 1000cc) receive an ACD reduction from 7% to 2%. In the meantime, ACD will be 0 percent for vehicles up to 1000cc.

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