Vietnam automaker VinFast is preparing to enter the US market with two full-electric SUVs

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

(Image credit: VinFast)

VinFast, a Vietnam carmaker owned by Vingroup, was among the newcomers to the Los Angeles Auto Show this year, hoping to make an impression in the Us market. There were two electric crossovers on display from the firm at the exhibition.

VinFast's automobiles, like many newcomers to the automotive industry, are still in development but are not yet on the market.

A few specifications of the automobiles, which should be available in the United States by the end of 2022, were provided by VinFast. Signing up for a Typeform account allowed participants to the event to be first to "experience" the automobiles and signal a desire to purchase them.

In an interview VinFast, US CEO Van Anh Nguyen stated Right now, we're looking for folks to sign up. So we want to... gather information and construct a database to figure out where clients are and who is interested. "We'll keep them updated on the success of the products and the service here that we're going to deliver."

A $500 payment is required from interested customers to secure their preferred vehicle in one of eight color options for delivery during the first quarter of 2022.

The automobiles will be available for test drives a few months later when potential clients can decide whether they wish to convert their deposit into a purchase. VinFast looks to be moving swiftly with ambitions to join the United States market, despite the lack of specifics and details.

Two all-electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs) for the international market

VinFast will produce the VFe35 and VFe36 electric vehicles with an enormous, fully automated factory in Vietnam. Pininfarina, a luxury car manufacturer, collaborated in the creation of the two automobiles.

Most people are familiar with Pininfarina, which is famed for manufacturing legendary Ferraris and the Pininfarina Battista. Pininfarina designed this electric sports car price $2 million. However, no charging or capacity information was provided by VinFast on Wednesday.

The company indicated 300 miles on a single charge the SUVs would go. According to Nguyen, each car will be available in both an Eco and Plus variant. According to the manufacturer, this vehicle will be capable of traveling 285 miles on the Eco model and a whopping 310 miles on the Plus variant.

She claimed that the VFe36 Eco model would have a range of roughly 310 miles, and the Plus variant would have a range of around 420 miles.

Both prototype SUVs are displayed at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Compony indicates some features that the VFe35and VFe36 have 472 of torque with 402 horsepower with various airbags and a virtual assistant, "remote control by VinFast App," an e-commerce service and in-car office, and some exciting features which they called location-based and behavioral advertising.

In a conversation, Nguyen revealed that VinFast is collaborating with several other companies. She wouldn't say who supplied the batteries, but she did say that the cells came from a "very, very prominent firm."

A plant in Vietnam, run by VinFast, will produce the battery packs. ProLogium is one of the battery companies with which she has been working closely. "In terms of battery technology, we've chosen some competent and experienced allies." Taiwanese firm ProLogium makes solid-state batteries.

VinFast intends to sell entirely electric vehicles in the United States, and the company's four-year timetable for reaching commercial production is practically unprecedented in the automotive business. As of late 2022, the delivery of automobiles will begin, according to the company's statement.