Man devised a new strategy to reclaim his bitcoins who discarded 7,500 bitcoins by accident on his hard drive.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

This British man has come up with a fresh idea to reclaim his lost bitcoins from the city landfill after losing his hard drive that contained 7,500 bitcoins. We guess that we will have to go through roughly 300,000 - 400,000 tonnes of garbage.

Man to find and recover 7,500 Bitcoins that have been lost.

In 2013, IT technician James Howells, who accidentally tossed away the hard disc of a 7,500-bitcoin-containing old computer, never stopped searching for money. In his mid-thirties, this man has told The that he has a 12-month plan to scour a waste in the city using x-ray technology.

To read the data, the scanning equipment should first use conveyor belts, x-ray scanners, and an AI-powered scanner that is taught to identify the item's approximate size and density.

AI technologies and scanning devices

"We don't want to harm the hard disc during the search, so a claw grabber isn't suitable," he pointed out. "We spoke to excavator experts and the right engineers to ensure that everything was done properly and in an environmentally safe manner."

The British man asserted, this will be a good search – not only someone who will go into there with a spade and a bucket.

To that end, Howells stated that he had spent the previous four or five months "talking to some of the greatest file recovery engineers in the world to ensure that we could retrieve it from the hard drive."

Finding the stolen items will be expensive, but Howell has assured us that a very wealthy hedge firm will finance the hunt and all of the equipment in exchange for him getting to keep the lion's part of his riches.

Based on aerial images of the site, Howells estimates that his disc is located in a 200-meter squared region and maybe 15 meters below ground level. According to the IT engineer:

We predict that between 300,000 and 400,000 tonnes of garbage will need to be sorted.

When I wrote this, seven thousand bitcoins were around $246 million in total value, based on Bitcoin Markets' data.