In Gujranwala, a YouTuber insulted and intimidated ladies and dubbed them a "prank." As a result, he's in prison now.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

YouTube offers a lot–instructions about tie-ups, music videos, talks with Ted and more. Unfortunately, it also has whole rubbish as a movie called 'Dopatta loo Prank part 2', which uses the word prank liberally to harass women.

Fortunately, the cops found his "prank" as unfunny as we did and arrested him.

Khan Ali is the prankster's name (read: harasser), and his account is called 'Vele Loog Khan Ali.' Vele, indeed.

Vele indeed. Instead, the storey should be called "the audacity of this man" because he's bold enough to go to random women in Gujranwala outside a university and try to pay them a dupatta.

"You need to mention you're going to wear a dupatta to your mothers, sisters and daughters," he said in Punjabi. "It's not a prank. It's a message," he emphasizes.

"These girls won't listen, but I'll make them hear." All right then. All right then.

We applaud you if you could get through this video. Watching this huge man bully ladies with his words and his stature was repulsive.

It is as foolish as his argument that it is funny to propagate this "message." In the video, he starts droning a dupatta with random women and he pulls his arms out when they try to walk away.

When they grow irritated and question who they're to wear, he grumbles, "I'm a Pakistani Muslim!"

It doesn't seem funny to everyone, nor the ladies harassed or social networks.