Attempting to reverse alien technology ? Will Governments around the world succeed

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The Navy's "UFO patents" have been revealed, and they have the potential to advance space travel while also providing endless energy. The truth is that we can't know where this technology came from, nor is it likely to be authentic. Could this be a cover for alien technology that has been reverse engineered?

This technology could be already in use by major powers like Russia or China. Is it possible that the Navy's UFO patents are intended to establish some misleading narrative?

In light of the Navy's UAP film release, which has been proven to be accurate, the subject of UFOs has now entered the public consciousness. Forbes contributor Ariel Cohen's piece, which addresses the points presented above, can be consulted today.

What patents do the Navy possess for Unidentified Flying Objects?

They have the ability to completely revolutionize scientific knowledge and culture as we know it if the Navy UFO patents are valid to what they claim they are.

Just Google, "Navy UFO Patents" you will find lots of material, Additionally, they consist of:

  • High-frequency gravitational wave generator
  • Piezoelectricity-induced Room temperature superconductor
  • Electromagnetic field generator and method to generate an electromagnetic field
  • Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

The diagrams come with each of the Navy UFO patents, and the claims that the patents make are pretty amazing.


These superconductors could be beneficial due to their potential for practical application across industries.

Because it would cut energy prices considerably, the Navy's invention for a room temperature superconductor might be pretty valuable. To do These researchers and engineers will have to find new ways to explore the uncharted realms of science and technology.

Dr. Salvatore Pais is recognized as the primary inventor of patents on UFOs in the U.S. Navy. In 2019, he expressed that the room temperature superconductor is a groundbreaking innovation that can shift the entire scientific and technological landscape. This is critical not only for business but also for the military.

It is conceivable to make an anti-gravity spacecraft using room-temperature superconductors and gravitational wave generators that are close to each other.

Strangely enough, the schematics in this Navy UFO patent feature a shape that is very similar to that of Bob Lazar's UFO sighting reports from 1989. He stated that UFOs were said to have created an antigravitational field by using "23-gram tiny triangles" constructed of Element 115.


Accomplishments beyond comprehension.

Many people might be surprised to know that one of the most shocking patents granted this year was for a hybrid aircraft-underwater boat. Even though the Navy applied for this patent in 2016, it was just authorized in 2018 and has a validity period of September 28, 2036.

While keeping up with recent UFO sightings and stories should presumably increase one's awareness of watery UFOs materializing and accelerating in the sky, it is astonishing how many reports feature watery UFOs arising from the ocean and flying at high speeds.

While looking over the patents, you will notice that they are incredibly similar to what the Navy said in the videos shot for the Nimitz aircraft carrier from 2004, which are very well-known.

Patented hybrid aerospace-underwater ship promises to be capable of remarkable speed and maneuverability, and it is capable of flying through all three of the Earth's atmospheres (air, sea, and space) without leaving a thermal signature behind it.

It's via its practice of crafting that the craft produces a polarised energy vacuum, causing water and air molecules to be rejected whenever they approach the craft.

When viewed from a distance, the craft's shape resembled a cone. Still, if you stood immediately in front or behind it, it seems to be spherical, which corresponds to the description given by numerous witnesses to UFO sightings across the world.

Faraday cages are used to safeguard the people within the craft, which is highly similar to the design used by Nikola Tesla in his UFO-like craft.

Dr. Pais asserts that the craft can use the rules of physics to fabricate the world as we know it at a fundamental level by leveraging the capabilities of the vessel. Obviously, this is not a trivial achievement; instead, it is pretty astonishing in its scope.

This type of aircraft can manipulate quantum field fluctuations to lower the craft's inertial and gravitational masses, which enables it to travel at such high speeds. As a result, it has the ability to travel through immense spans of space at speeds more significant than the speed of light.

This kind of technology has the potential to transform everything we know, and that is why it is so significant.

The Navy is checking the authenticity of the UFO patents.

Initially, the USPTO rejected these UFO claims because they believed them to be far-fetched. However, the Navy came to the defense of these inventions, as recorded by the Combat Zone in 2019.

Dr. James Sheehy, the Chief Technology Officer of the United States Naval Aviation Enterprise wrote to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to attest for the UFO patents, so validating them.

The patents were made available to the public when they were accepted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Of course, the Navy could have kept this a secret, and they could have done it without any trouble.

So, what was it about these patents that made them decide to be so forthcoming? In any case, there continues to be much conjecture about the subject even today.

This was done to remain in compliance with China, which already invested substantial sums in aircraft technologies identical to those seen in the famous UFO sightings reported by Navy pilots.

This raises the issue, are the patents of the Navy UFOs depicting aircraft already used by China? Affordability of Technology

If China already possesses this sort of innovation, is the Navy attempting to catch up, or does it want global leaders to be aware that the United States also possesses this type of potential?

Dr. Sheehy's letter to the United States Invention and Trademark Office (USPTO) argues that the Navy would prefer to retain ownership of the patent rather than paying in perpetuity to use this formidable technology that will eventually become a reality.

It's speculated that the Navy has patents for its UFOs, and those patents likely play a part in the (mythical) story for their existence. Although it is possible that publishing this information public is aimed to persuade competitors or adversaries to believe the innovation is real or at least raise doubts, it might also have the opposite effect if revealing the existence of the technology inspires doubts instead.

Dr. Salvatore Pais is a well-known physician.

But who is Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, who is credited with inventing the Navy's UFO patents? He used to work at the Naval Air Warfare Center's Aircraft Division in Maryland, and now he is an aerospace engineer.

He has a proven track record with Forbes verifying his qualifications, and he has worked for the Pentagon for decades. What can be imagined is the nature of his work there, which is classified.

Dr. Pais, like many others associated with supposed knowledge of extraterrestrials, has a minimal online presence and is a very mysterious individual.

It is also crucial to note that Dr. Pais mentioned another individual in some of the patents, Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, the co-founder and Vice President of Science and Technology at To The Stars Academy.

Electromagnetic cars are on the verge of development in 2017, and these technologies closely resemble Dr. Pais' patents.

According to the War Zone report from February 2021, there are no known patents for the Navy's UFO sightings. The Navy initially backed the patents, but it now appears to put a damper on the possibilities of groundbreaking technologies.

The Pais Effect is confirmed based on information that a three-year $508,000 assessment has not generated any proof of it. These unsuccessful and expensive tests seem to have ceased in 2019, and there don't appear to be any more investigations in progress.

Will Dr. Salvatore Pais's theories be proven correct in the end?

As Dr. Pais himself has declared, his work will not be completed till the Pais Effect has been activated and is fully operational. His work is also supported by Subject Matter Experts, who feel that it will be proven correct at some point in the future. The quote below was sent to The Combat Zone in 2019 in an email.

He's moved twice since then. He had previously worked at the Naval Aerospace Weapons Center (NAWCAD) and then went on to work at the Navy Strategic Systems Programs. Now that he's through with that, it appears as though he continues to use the patent for underwater craft design.

In the most current news, it was stated that Dr. Pais had begun working with the Air Force. This appears to signal the conclusion of the Navy's brief foray into the realm of weird science. At least in terms of the services provided by this company.

No one can predict what will happen in the future at this point, although there is optimism for significant advances. We anticipate the release of an official government report on Advanced Aerial Threats in the summer, which might contain a wealth of intriguing and novel information.

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