Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shaheen Afridi have decided to quit fighting. Thus it's time for Twitter to

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

(Image credit: Twitter)

The 'clash' between Shaheen Afridi and Sarfaraz Ahmed on the field has been resolved with mutual respect and best wishes, and Twitter may now relax.

The two used social media to openly get past the on-field miscommunication, which is all too typical in sports and competitiveness.

Former captain Ahmed and bowler Afridi clashed earlier this week during a Pakistan Super League match between the Lahore Qalandars and the Quetta Gladiators.

Afridi's scorching bouncer damaged Ahmed's helmet, and the two had a heated exchange at the non-end. Striker's Following the incident, a discussion on respect erupted on social media.

Some thought that Afridi had nothing to do with it because its delivery was utterly legal and essential in a quick bowler's manual. However, others felt that the 21-year-old should have respected his Senior and once captain, whether the delivery was lawful or not.

Afridi called Ahmed Pakistan's pride and said, "He has always been and will remain a captain to me" on Thursday to the Social Media.

And he remarked of the incident: "Anything that happened that day in the game was heated."

Thinking on his conduct, he replied, "I should have been quiet about him." Finally, he expressed his admiration for his senior and wished Ahmed luck.

Ahmed responded to the post with a smile on his face, stating, "Everything is fine, bro. Whatever occurred on the pitch should remain there."

Ahmed referred to Afridi as a "star of Pakistan" and expressed his admiration for him and wished him the best of luck.