Thousands of Pakistanis' lives have been tampered with by CanSino and local hospitals.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

Thousands of Pakistanis have waited six months to respond from CanSino Biologics and the locally based clinics after participating in the third stage of the CanSino vaccine experiment.

The problem is that half of the volunteers received the vaccination while the other half received placebo shots. Because the trials were double-blinded, thousands of Pakistanis are unsure whether they received the real vaccine or saline water.

The participants in the study cannot even choose the vaccination of the government after some months of vaccinations and re-examining the clinics where inoculation has occurred since they do not know if they have been vaccinated with COVID-19 or not.

The indifference of the hospital made them feel stuck and disregarded, in addition to confronting an urgent risk to life and health.

The Phase 3 trial of China's COVID-19 vaccine CanSino began in October last year by Pakistani hospitals – such as Shifa International in Islamabad. Hospitals invited people for the trials to volunteer and "aid to combat the infected and murdered pandemic in millions worldwide."

Last year, when the experimental vaccination was administered, the hospital management promised the participants that the data would be unblinded before even the vaccine's commercial distribution. Participants given placebo shots were told that they would be notified and inoculated in front of anybody in the country.

CanSino and their local collaborators have failed spectacularly in their attempt to unblind their findings, even though the identical vaccination has already been commercially released. Simple-shot Rs. 4,250 vaccines are still sold at Shifa Hospital per person.

An email sent to CanSino biologics remains un-responded while hospitals are also not taking any liability on their part and contest that NIH had nominated them for the trials. Hence, any questions should be asked from NIH, which itself is clueless on what exactly is going on.