Madrasa Vs University: Our Nation is Hypocrite Or illiterate ?

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

Male student at Islamabad Islamic University Hostel sexually attacked

Earlier this week, it was revealed that two students from the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) had been suspended after they were accused of sodomizing another student at the varsity's hostel.

The victim was a student from the University of Quaid-i-Azam and visited the hostel to met the other two students.

Rector Masoon Yasinzai of IIUI acknowledged that occurrence and added that the two attackers had been in social media communication with the victim.

The event, he stated, occurred in the early morning hours of Friday. The victim came out of the hostel, and the guards were worried when he fell on the floor. He went on to say that a security officer from the hostel responded quickly and transported the student to a nearby hospital.

"The incidence was confirmed by a raid of the hostel by the security officer. The two attackers were resident there unlawfully because the the bedroom was not allocated to them," the Rector added.

He stated that both assaulters, who were IIUI students, had been rusticated, while the Students Disciplinary Committee's head was also sacked.

Nevertheless, a statement released by the Director Academics Office indicated that the attackers had been "suspended immediately."

Lahore Police Registry FIR over Mufti Aziz o Rehman for sexually abusing student

Lahore police have filed a case against Mufti Aziz o Rehman following a horrific video showing that one of its students was reportedly sexually attacked by a cleric through social media.

The complaint of S* under Article 377 (unnatural offence) and section 506 (criminal intimidation sentence) of the Pakistan Penal Code was registered in the North Cantonment Police Station. The case is now under registration.

According to the first FIR submitted on 17 June, was reported by the victim that he was admitted to Jamia Manzoorul Islamia in 2013.

During the tests, he alleged that Mufti Rehman and another student had charged him and others with trickery by taking someone else. "In this regard, I was also prohibited from carrying out three years' examinations at the Wafaqul Madaris," he claimed.

The distressing video, which went viral a few days ago, sparked outrage on social media, with residents demanding that the JUI-F leader be prosecuted.

Mufti Rehman, meanwhile, asserted his innocence in a video message circulating on social media, saying that he was drugged by the boy in the video.

He told him how the youngster would have recorded a film with a movie telephone without knowing if he were "in his senses." He said it was a complot to get him out of madrassah.

Let us try, in these scenarios, to compare both cases with our national behaviour.

The first public question is why nobody talking about university case and making big propaganda of Islamic scholars more and more.

In addition, our media is not talking about such case which happens in elite societies.

Here is an example of European UK politicians in which they are covering child s*x abuse for decades and also members of the dark web child s*x series.

(Any public media can easily see this report).

We oppose both cases totally, and both criminals should be punished, and, yes,

the religionist should be penalized more because his act gave a very bad impression on Islamic values

Everybody should ask ourselves why we give hype to the news which belongs to a religious category and avoid those other actions which belong to the elite?