Ushna Shah wanted to ban Pakistan's white vloggers because Rosie Gabrielle mentioned our waste problem.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle is now on a global motorcycle trip in Hunza. She utilized her platform to highlight the concerns of residents who had contacted her about tourist littering. Unfortunately, star Ushna Shah was offended by Gabrielle's comments and argued that a white woman had no right to speak about Pakistan.


Gabrielle's post showed her holding a garbage bag and established the rights of the tourists that visit the picturesque regions and leave behind a trail of waste. Although problems arise with the gatekeeping of people in whole areas, mainly if the people in question are not of the places in question, it seems that the Balaa actor would be better to ban them altogether.

"We do not value what you know? She willed Judgemental, condescending, 'white savior,' adding that the Pakistani government should cease distributing 'YouTube visas' "There was a mistake.