Zara is being boycotted after the Palestinian model is attacked with Islamic commentaries by its head designer.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

Vanessa Perilman, the Spanish clothing giant head designer Zara, was engulfed in scandal following her nasty words towards Palestine in an interview with a male model who later leaked the dialogue on social media.

Perilman defended the atrocities of Israel, blaming Palestinian victims for terrorist acts in Gaza. She attacked the Muslim faith model as well.


"If your people were educated, they might not blow up hospitals and schools for Israel's benefit in Gaza," she wrote to the male model Qaher Harhash from East Jerusalem, ignoring the reality that Israel's airstrikes killed more than 250 Palestinians during last month's merciless bombing assault.

"I think it's funny that you are a model, but in fact, you would get stoned to death if you were to go out of the cabinets in any Muslim country," she said.

As a result, thousands of users submitted their official complaints to Zara. Still, the company failed to take anything and reacted with a generic reply that Harhash accepted Perilman's "spontaneous" apologies.