Big giant Facebook makes its first foray into the world of fantasy games.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

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Facebook is expanding into other forms of fantasy games, including fantasy sports. The firm just announced that U.S. and Canadian users would get  Facebook Fantasy Games, available on Facebook iOS and Android. While some games are considered less complex versions of typical fantasy sports games that are currently on the market, others allow players to make predictions about popular TV shows, such as Survivor and The Bachelorette.

Fans who play Pick and Play Sports will get rewards for accurately guessing the winners of crucial games, the number of points awarded by prominent players, and other game-related events. As an additional incentive, players who accurately forecast multiple days in a row are awarded bonus points, and the company will deliver the game today.


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And soon after it arrives, sports, TV, and popular culture will be further enriched by such games as Fantasy Survivor, in which gamers select a group of castaways from the CBS show to participate there own fantasy team, "The Bachelorette," where supporters can choose the suitors competing for the Bachelorette's heart and accrue points based on their actions and events that take place during the podcast. 

Those who prefer to play against others can join in on the fun with their friend's thanks to the inclusion of social features in games.


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Fantasy enthusiasts can either play in a personal league with friends or participate in a community league with others.

Members will be able to see who's leading, have a space to discuss their picks, and leave feedback on each other's predictions. Members can publish content on the group's private Facebook-like forum and read what other members write in the group's special news feed. Page is tailored to provide buttons for groups to either "play" or examine the "leaderboard," as well as other options.

A Facebook app expansion that includes imaginative games may help the social media giant enhance user engagement when the firm is experiencing more competition in the social sphere, particularly from TikTok.


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The average monthly user time in TikTok increased in 2020, which is more than 70 percent in the U.S., as per the App Annie, and this is far greater than the other major social applications.

Previously, Facebook had tried to be a second screen companion for live events, but differently for fantasy sports and gaming.

In addition to its streaming service, the corporation has invested in various other gaming-related projects, including its cloud gaming services on the desktop web and Android, its VR firm, Oculus, and its new Games tab.

Users may access the upcoming games through the app's bookmark option and notifications in the Social Media Newsfeeds.