Gaming in Covid: the incredible growth in gaming industry.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the gaming industry saw a period of incredible growth, and many people in this age range began to prefer playing games on their phones or consoles.

At the same time, hospitals and schools were placed in lockdown. According to a report from the gaming platform Newzoo, the global audience in 2021, with competitive gaming revenues estimated to amount to around $1,1 billion by year-end will reach 474 million.

Last year, the overall number of mobile gaming players hit over 2.7 billion. This rapid increase in Games has resulted in significant sales from firms like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA), and Sony Group Corp. (NYSE: SONY).

One of the world's most popular games is PUBG, downloaded by over one billion since March 2021. In 2020 alone, the game produced $2.6 billion in income. Last year there were more than 50 million PUBG players every day.

However, the top free iPhone and iPad games are listed in this post. Based on their popularity, number of downloads, and player reviews, we chose these titles.

Beach Buggy Racing

Rating on App Store: 4.6 Out of 16.8K Ratings

Compete against other drivers and vehicles from around the world in the Beach Buggy Racing League. Tick off the following places by racing through them: Egyptian pyramids, pirate shipwrecks, dragon-infested castles, and experimental alien bio-labs.

Maximize your fun and wackiness by gathering and upgrading a weaponized array of colourful and eccentric Powerups. Form a garage full of cars and recruit more drivers to make a push for the top of the League.

While the full version of Beach Buggy Racing 2 is available as a paid game, the mobile version is completely free-to-play. It allows you to gather Powerups, upgrade them, and construct a personalised Powerup deck.

Over 70 million international mobile gamers got their first taste of console-style kart-racing in Beach Buggy Racing, which featured a unique off-road twist.

New content, upgradeable Powerups, new game modes, and for the first time, online competitions and tournaments are available with BBR2.

Dashy Crashy

Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 5.4k Ratings

With Dashy Crashy, players manage their vehicle on a five-lane road while dodging other cars in traffic.

The game will continue until you collide with another automobile or item. During gaming, prizes are earned that unlock new autos.

The character Dashy Crashy is a game about dodging the perils of an infinite arcade highway and running as fast as possible to outrun the high scores. Filled with swiftness, tonnes of traffic, and vehicle crashes – this would likely be what would happen if SEGA created sat-navs.

  • An endless road trip, something fresh discovered on every leg.
  • unlock over 60 cool rides.
  • Comfortable SWIPE control.
  • An insane number of crazy wrecks, together with physics-based action.
  • To win another friend's car, you must first outrun them.
  • Pay what you wish.

DASHY CRASHY's name was decided before the game began (happens a lot a Dumpling)

My style was influenced by a lot of things. One of those things was sitting in traffic, looking at sat-navs on my drive around Beijing and loving SEGA's blue skies.

Traffic outside of Beijing and Travis' journey on the UK M1 to Rare both have a lot to do with the chaotic flow of the roads, just like in the Wild Frontier.

Pako Forever

Rating on App Store: 4.4 out of 101 Ratings

Stay as far away from the enemies as possible on endless levels! A brand new and totally a re-imagined version of the original PAKO - Car Chase Simulator contains all the exciting secrets, power-ups, unlocking cars, and much more!

While the process of Pako Forever can be likened to a sort of infinite style pack, it's substantial enough to make the term "meaty" apply to it on its own.

Saily Seas

Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 29 Ratings

As you try to survive as long as you can in a beautifully maintained panoramic environment, Saily Seas has overtones of both Alto's Adventure and Tiny Wings.

The waves on your little boat are enormous because you tap on the screen.

Pew Pew Live

Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 40 Ratings

Pew Pew Live is a fast-paced action game with retro vector visuals.

You are in charge of a small spaceship and must avoid moving obstacles while collecting as many rewards as possible in a limited amount of time.


Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 93 Ratings

CyberDrive 2077 is a fast, powerful, and limitless runner-like arcade. Run your car at breakneck speeds through a digital neon world and cross infinite challenges that block your way.

The system tries to stop you, but it can't last. So cut off the firewall, penetrate the mainframe, penetrate the system.

Knight Brawl

Rating on App Store:4.4 out of 64 Ratings

Take your sword and enter the wild, wacky gladiator-fighting universe.

Castle Roofs, Pirate Ships and numerous other sites are fighting opponents. Participate in a mass struggle, compete against your management or do out tasks.

The principal the goal is for you to purchase a tremendous new helmet or a spectacular golden axis in these gold coins.

The tower climb challenges you to use your weapon to scale a mighty tower to start your own business. Trolls on the way up, watch out!

The castles of the rich monarchs must be stormed in Castle Rush mode and the golden coronas stolen. You stand in the way of Archers and Knights.

Take a look at the flags in the Castle for hidden weapons.


Rating on App Store: 4.2 out of 64k Ratings

The basic appearance of the game is a classic flipping game with a rolling ball pushed up to the playground.

Although it's somewhat different from a traditional pinball game, the playing surface is set to move up indefinitely. The display is moving along the ball.

The playfield includes many flippers. The play is confined to a timeout. There's no drain. The aim is to reach the playground in the time available as far as feasible.

By taping the left or right of the screen, the player controls the flippers. Also, for a better fit, the player can grip the pin to 'catch the ball.

The player can glow with the ball to obtain additional time. The play finishes when the time expires.

Train Party

Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 43 Ratings

This game can be played cooperatively in a couple of different ways. Competition mode has the train go around the apparatus. The winner is the last person to stay on the train and not send it flying into Washington Union Station, where it would likely end up in a crumpled pile of twisted metal. You should also find out how to handle roaming wildlife, together with a rogue track bomber, to avoid fatal derailments.

Beat street

Rating on App Store: 4.7 out of 23.6k Ratings

Since its introduction in 2018, Beat Street appears to have been a tremendous feeling on the App Store, even shooting the Soulja Boy hip-hop center, which had become a playful atmosphere straight from March.

Get over the overly simplified presentation of freemium, and you've got hours of entertainment exterminating the rats that have taken over your town—despite the challenges involved, getting a traditional scroll brawler like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage to work on a touchscreen is exceptionally difficult.

Zombie Football

Rating on App Store: 4.5 Out of 233 Ratings

Pixel Perfect Studios created Zombie Football, an arcade sports game. This game is based on the sport of American Football.

The contestant must score a touchdown while avoiding the opposing team's players. Touch and tilt are the two types of control modes. Touch control allows you to use the joystick on both sides of the screen.

I want to criticize this game and point out some issues, but I was blown away! There were no issues in the game that made my gameplay experience less pleasurable.

To use it, go to the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) App Store and download it.

Dungeon Faster

Rating on App Store: 4.3 Out of 42 Ratings

Dungeon Faster is a new dungeon crawler, strategy game, and card game hybrid. You get to play with a lot of different characters!

Every single character is outstanding! You can take on the roles of the lovely Paladyna or the cunning Thief! Explore a vast dungeon with numerous rooms brimming with riches! Be aware! That prize goes to someone else, and they are not likely to be pleased that you stole it!

Pokémon Go

Rating on App Store: 4 Out of 346.3K Ratings

A mobile game called Pokémon Go, short for "Pocket Monster," is an entirely free a mobile game that combines gaming with the real world.

This game uses position tracking and map technology to create an "augmented reality" the environment in which players may capture and educate Pokémon characters in real-time locations such as their own homes and offices.

The minimum age to play is 13. As users wander around the real world, Pokémon characters appear on the game's map, allowing them to be captured and used in battle.

For example, when users reach within close range of a Pokémon, the Pokémon will appear on the Mobile display and users can hurl Poké Balls at them in an attempt to catch them before they escape.