Arnab Goswami Caught Lying: Another Blow to Indian Journalism.

ByFaisal Chughtai | Published date:

Netizens chastised and mocked Arnab Goswami, an Indian primetime presenter, for disseminating incorrect information regarding the presence of Pakistani intelligence operatives on the fifth floor of a two-story hotel in the Afghan capital.

According to Geo News, he has been caught red-faced once again, this time on national television, selling another anti-Pakistan conspiracy theory that has no substance in the first place.

Goswami, a "puppet" of India's governing party, reportedly stated that Pakistan Army personnel were present on the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel.

He accused Pakistani intelligence officials of assisting the Taliban in their fight for control of Afghanistan's Panjshir valley, which is currently in Taliban hands.

Following the strange tales of Lollywood stars dying in Panjshir valley, the brazen false news about the Serena hotel has left Indian media red-faced.

The Indian media has disgraced itself by publishing a series of fake and hilarious tales about Pakistani security personnel.

The Afghan capital's lodging facility is really a two-story building, and the Republic World TV anchor's blunder about the invisible fifth level has left him red-faced.

In the viral video, the war-mongering presenter can be heard discussing his spies keeping a watch on Pakistani troops in Afghanistan.

Goswami claimed that his knowledge of the Taliban split was genuine, despite the fact that he was talking about a sham. He claims that the struggle in Panjshir is still going on and that Pakistani security forces are helping the Taliban.

"You go to the fifth level of the Serena Hotel in Kabul, I'm telling you, please check, the fifth floor of the Serena Hotel in Kabul, how many Pakistani army officers are there?" During a heated exchange with PTI's Abdul Samad Yaqoob, the Indian journalist yelled.

Goswami, who was certain of his allegations, demanded that the Pakistani officers' room numbers be provided.

The following day, Yaqoob returned to Goswami's show and refuted the anchor's allegation, claiming that he learned through his sources that the hotel in Kabul had just two storeys. He observed, "There are no third, fourth, or fifth floors."

It elicited a surge of laughing from Goswami.

The hilarious conversation went viral on Sunday, with netizens from both India and Pakistan criticising Goaswami for making bogus allegations. In the last few days, thousands of tweets have been sent with the hashtags #ArnabGowsami and #ISIon5thFloor.

Pakistan's governing PTI party claimed credit for exposing "the fake news network of India", tweeting that Indian news has become "a laughingstock of the world."

Tavleen Singh, a veteran journalist and writer, tweeted, "If Arnab Goswami was indeed briefed by Indian intelligence sources that the Serena Hotel in Kabul has five floors we need to worry about Indian intelligence agencies."