What is Zong eCare ? All Information about Zong Calls, DATA, SMS and User Detail

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Zong portal has become an extensive network with almost 55 million users. The reason behind its popularity is the unique features it provides to its customers. Zong ecare allows them to manage their SIM cards through online services. Here they will find authentic and reliable information regarding their sim cards. Apart from that, the user will also get information concerning bundles and promos.

This online service is also beneficial for all Zong account holders. Every user of the Zong ecare account will be able to have access to call logs, internet history, and SMS. With the help of graphical representation, you can easily understand the usage of data. Indeed, the Zong portal is unique in its design and beneficial for its customers.

Objectives of Zong ecare

The primary goal of ZongeCare is to provide convenience for customers. By using this account, the user can control everything. For instance, you will have complete access to calls, SMS, and further activities. Even if you are a prepared zong client, Zong ecare service will be helpful for you. Indeed, here you can verify the whole history of your account.

But before that, you must sign up for the account. The process of ecare zong login is pretty simple. You need to connect to the account, get the number, and there you go. You are ready to manage the SIM card online. Apart from that, the zong portal is available for both subscribers, whether you are prepaid or postpaid.

How to create Zong eCare Account?

Following a step-by-step guide will save you time. Zong login will lead you to quick access to the Zong eCare account through the phone number.

  • First, you need to open the Zong Portal.
  • Now enter the phone number. Perform the human verification by the characters
  • Soon, there will be a pin appear in your message box
  • Use this pin to obtain access. By the way, try to avoid sharing this pin with anyone else.
  • Pressing the login button will lead you to the dashboard. Here you can do anything you want.

Features of Zong eCare

The service of ecare zong sign-up will be helpful regarding the sim details and Zong packages. Imagine being left with no SMS package all of a sudden? Sounds stressful, right? Here is how you can track down the SMS messages. Indeed, here you can even check the leftover minutes. It will be easy to charge the account by zong call history check code.

  • A complete track of bills and payment history
  • Data Usage History, including calls and number block service
  • eCare tax certificate
  • Ownership of SIM Card
  • Complaints
  • SIM information verification

Benefits of using Zong eCare

Once you are done with creating an account, everything will be just one tap away. Sign up for the bundles without the interaction of any Zong Helpline.

Subscription of Zong call package

The user can easily select any call plan through eCare Zong. Multiple packages are waiting for you in the zong e care app. First, you need to go package and bundles. Afterward, select the appropriate package.

Subscription for a Zong massage package

Thanks to the ecare account, now we can subscribe to any SMS bundles anytime. Locate the option of SMS Bundles in the section of Packages and Bundles. There will be a complete track of your history. Apart from that, the Ecare also informs personally in case of any excessive messages.

Besides that, the zong Facebook and whatsapp packages will also help track sent messages to multiple numbers.

Subscription of Zong Internet

There are various reasonable packages available in the section of Packages and Bundles. All you need to do is find the right internet package from the zong e care app.

Account Recharge

Do you want to recharge the zong account? Here is how you can transfer the bundle. Add the debit or credit information, and the account will recharge automatically. Don’t forget to verify here. Another method is purchasing the card number.

Balance check

To check the balance, you need to dial *222#. Soon, you will receive an automated response from the company.

How to check zong call history?

Are you trying to find a way of checking the ‘usage history’? Zong eCare has made it much more convenient for you. Log in to the account and click on 'usage history.' Pick the date from where you want to check the history.


Zong eCare services are just endless when it comes to customers' comfort. It is undeniably the best service in Zong. The Zong eCare blog has anything that a customer can ask.