Best water parks in Karachi to beat the heatwave and spend quality time with family

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Let's welcome this summer by heading towards the water parks in Karachi. The following blog, Best water parks in Karachi, will offer various best water parks for maximum fun. The best part is no age limitation. Karachi water parks are always open whether you are young, old, or have children. It would be best to stay with you until the end. Eventually, you will be able to become more familiar with the parks from here. Let's unwind and chill for a bit in the parks of Karachi.

The Best Fiesta Water Park in Karachi

The fiesta water park is undeniably the top-rated water park in Karachi. It stretches for about 55 acres. It will be the best water park in Karachi if you visit your family. However, try to avoid coming here with friends. It provides safe lockers to keep the luggage safe and sound. Apart from that, here is the good news for health-conscious people. Unlike other parks, the toilets are pretty neat and clean.

Don't worry about privacy. It also has separate pools. Indeed, the large fiesta water park also allows you to rest. Getting delicious food won't be a problem by using the food court.

Yes, it does have a first aid service in case of emergency. This is what you were thinking about this Karachi water park, right? Just go for once, and you will love it for sure.

What else?

In order to provide maximum entertainment, the park has a lot of pools and slides. The most significant attraction is the wave pool. Anyone can take the Rambo slide or pendulum slide. Also, taking the slide by turbo cyclone will give you immense pleasure. The locker may charge a few hundred, but at least it will provide maximum security. For me, it sounds like a perfect deal.

Fiesta Water Park Karachi ticket price: Each person must pay around 1200. In addition, the timing will be Monday to Sunday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Cozy Water Park Karachi

It is the second-largest water park in Karachi, spreading over about 20 acres. The best thing is its location. However, other things like multiple slides, privacy, and entertainment are also countable. No doubt, it can be considered the best park in Karachi in an excellent environment.

Although it is a family park, it has become a favorite of children and adults. The privacy of separate washrooms for females and males is also available. The separate pool is there for the kids. Indeed, the water park comes with eight kinds of slides. Just like the Fiesta water park, it also has Firs aid. Here you can even visit with your friends also. But Sunday is best for families.

The major attraction is multiple slides, tube slides, three rapid slides, the giant lazy pool, and transparent tunnels. You will get different snacks and drinks. Apart from that, you can also enjoy the pedal boating. Cozy water park ticket price 2021 is about 700 for the adults. However, for children, it will cost you around only 500 rupees. Asides, the timing will be Monday to Sunday (10 am to 5 pm).

Paradise Island Water Park

It is known for its beauty and is the best water park in Karachi. It covers a vast number of tourists spreading over a wide area. The marvelous texture of the following water park is one of the major attractions. In addition, it is also famous for the Aqua Pak Disco and Hurrican wave pool. Here, you can even enjoy the disco and the customized music list.

The variety of slides offers lots of slides. The kids can play in the kids' area, and you can relax. Apart from Sunday, you can visit any day with your friends. The timing will be 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Picnic World Water Park in Karachi

Another popular summer destination is the Picnic world water. You can call it the fantastic water park of Karachi as it invites people regardless of their ages. Whether you are with family or friends, visit there for once. By the way, it even provides low-ticket fees for couples. So, what are you waiting for?

The water park in Karachi offers 22 slides for all people. It includes Lazy reiver and hurricane wave pool also. As far as the kids, it has eight water slides. Further facilities such as first aid and food service are also available. The timings are 9:30 to 5:30 pm on weekends. It costs you around 1200 for the adults. However, it charges less for kids and youngsters.

Dreamworld Water Park in Karachi

The water park comes with round water slides for primary adults. Meanwhile, it has flat water slides for both kids and adults. Swimming in these pools will be a lot of fun. Apart from that, they even provide the opportunity of boating and inflatable pool floats. In other words, it makes the children swim around more frequently.

The presence of an artificial sea, raining umbrella, and wave pool make it distinct and appealing. You need to pay only 800 per person. In addition, the kids will pay only 700.

Wide Venture Park

Here is another yet full of entertainment 'wild venture water park of Karachi. The water parks in Karachi are the best places to visit for tourists. The unique identity of water parks is what most people look for in Karachi. Apart from the water, the following Karachi water park has beautiful trees, gazebos, restaurants, and plants. Furthermore, another reason is the appealing architecture.

Get the membership for a whole year and enjoy the maximum entertainment. You are going to love swimming in the crystal clear water pool. Apart from swimming, you can book them for any purpose.