Best Ranges of Pakistan for Tourism

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Being a Pakistani, you are blessed with natural beauty. The geographical diversity is the main reason that sets it apart from other countries. It includes lovely scenic views or ranges of Pakistan. There are breathtaking desserts and different hill stations. Undeniably, it is drawing the attraction of tourists to the country. In addition, it has become the direct motivation for the country's tourism. Pakistan mountain range can make anyone fall in love. Are you wondering how many mountains are in Pakistan?

The focus of the following blog will be the best mountain ranges in Pakistan. Are you the one who is interested in hiking or tracking? In such a case, this blog is for you. To enjoy the Peak of Pakistan, you need to visit the mountain ranges Pakistan. Stay with us to become a better familiar person with the ranges of Pakistan. Pakistan is loaded with mountain ranges, and three of them are globally known mountain ranges and the highest Peak in Pakistan. Indeed, it also has the world's highest Peak.

Besides that, Pakistan has around 100 mountain ranges in Pakistan. You will find most of the glaciers of the world in Pakistan. Pakistan also has five of the world's highest lone peaks. Have you heard about the Karakorum ranges? Mountain ranges on the Pakistan map usually use the country's northern areas.

Top list of mountain ranges in Pakistan


(Image credit: Shehryar Makhdum)

The Karakoram Range

The world's 2nd most extensive mountains range has 500 meters in length. It has 8,611 measurements, along with a challenging climb up. Some people also call it the 'Savage mountains.' You can visit them in the northwestern corner. The Karakoram Range is one of Pakistan's most prominent mountain ranges, with 50 peaks. The average height is 7000 meters.

The Karakoram Mountains use the borders from the northeast and the northern side of the Pamir mountain range. You can also count on Siachen Glacier-world's third most extended glacier, with other peaks K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5. A European team was the first one who climb in 1856. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges for hikers, mountaineers, and climbers.

The Himalaya Range

Here comes the second beautiful mountain range in Pakistan. It holds a measurement of about 2400 kilometers long. The Himalayas range comes with the residing of five countries. You can count on the country list for Pakistan, India, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. Also, it resides in the western section of Pakistan's s Gilgit-Baltistan. In addition, the Himalayas mountain range is also one of the significant ranges of Pakistan. They are also famous as the 'Nanga Parbat. Due to its height, people also call it the killer Mountain.

It stands around 8,126 meters above sea level. Apart from that, it is the ninth tallest Peak in the world. Indeed, they are a big attraction for climbers. Certainly, it is one of the famous tourist destinations. Let me tell you another surprising fact about these mountain ranges. The Himalayas mountain ranges of Pakistan also have Mount Everest (World's Highest Peak).

The Salt Ranges

Initially, the salt range comes from rock salt and is famous as the world's most decadent salt range. People are familiar with the salt range due to its significance and real beauty. Many low hill mountains are present In Punjab Northern area, where the salt range exists. These mountains are linked from the southern edge of the Potohar plain. Meanwhile, they end up at the northern edge of the Jhelum River.

There are various salt mines in these mountain ranges. For instance, you will find Mayo, Warcha, Kalabagh, and Khewra. The Khewra salt mine is one of the world's largest salt mines.

The Hindu Raj Mountain Range

The Hindu Raj Mountain ranges are located on the northern side of Pakistan. You will find it in between two popular mountain ranges in Pakistan. It uses the location in Hindu Kush and Karakoram. Here the name represents Hindu rule. It holds the measurement of 500 miles/800 Kilometers in length. Meanwhile, the width is about 150 miles/240 kilometers.

They are 6872 meters high. Koyo Zom can be considered the highest Peak of the Hindu Raj range. Apart from that, it also involves the Ghamubar Zom, Gul Last Zom, and Buni Zom.

The Hindu Kush mountain range

The Hindu kush mountain ranges were found in 1830. This is another beautiful mountain range in Pakistan. Besides that, it shares the boundaries with Pakistan and Afghanistan. The measurements of these mountain ranges is about 950 meters. Here, Tirich Mir is one of the highest Peaks in all Pakistan mountain ranges. The height of Tirich Mir is about 7,690 meters.

It was founded in 1927 in the Chitral Valley. The first attempt to reach these mountain ranges was succeeded in 1950.

The Sulaiman Mountain range

Here comes the last but not least tallest Peak of the mountain range famous as Takht-e-Suleiman. It rises to 3,487 m. Asides from that, there is the second largest point called Khilafat Hill. The location is Ziarat District, with a height of about 3,475m.

The Sulaiman mountain range is Pakistan's fourth most crucial central mountain range. The Northern Mountains are way more twisted than this Mountain with medium height. This is the reason that sets them apart from the other mountain ranges.