Daily And Weekly Zong Youtube Packages

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Zong is a company that offers mobile services in Pakistan. They have many different packages for users to choose from, and one of them, the Zong YouTube Package, is perfect for those who love watching videos on Youtube! Zong is the perfect mobile carrier for you if you're looking to save money and get great internet packages. They have a vast variety of options, so there's something that will suit your needs

Zong is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Pakistan. Zong 4G has created a reputation for itself in the Pakistani industry due to the high-quality LTE services it has been providing for a long time. It has comprehensive coverage in the majority of the nation and has enabled 4G services in the country's most remote corners. They have been providing internet packages for a long time, and they are continuing to provide more services to their customers. As a result, it is favored by most individuals over other networks. Among the packages available from Zong are call, SMS, internet, and hybrid bundles, among others. On the other hand, this post is specifically intended for Zong customers who subscribe to the daily, monthly, and weekly YouTube packages.

Zong YouTube Packages

Zong offers the best youtube packages. It's cheaper than other providers and has more downloads and offline viewing features. The following are all of the YouTube bundles available to Zong 4G customers:

Zong Daily YouTube Packages

You're out of luck if you don't have internet access. With the Zong Daily Youtube Package, you can stay connected and watch whatever you want.

Zong Youtube bundle is the best option for those who need to be online throughout the day but can't afford to pay monthly or yearly charges.

Zong's daily data cap offer includes 500 MBs for YouTube and an additional 500 MBs for any other internet use. The validity of this bundle is for 24 hours from the time of purchase. To take advantage of the promotion, call *6464#. You can also check your remaining MBs by dialing *102# (this will cost you 10 Paisa + Tax). You will be charged PKR 38 (including all applicable taxes) for taking advantage of this deal.

Daily Data Max 1GB (500 Youtube + 500 Data) Rs. 38 + Tax 1 Day *6464#
PACKAGE Daily Data Max
VOLUME 1GB (500 Youtube + 500 Data)
PRICE Rs. 38 + Tax

Zong Weekly Daily YouTube Packages

If you are looking for an affordable way to stay connected to Youtube without breaking the bank, then Zong is a great option!

Zong provides the most reasonable internet deal, in which you can enjoy and stay connected with the world. The best and most affordable youtube packages are listed below in the table:

Zong Weekly YouTube 8GB for Youtube Rs. 135 + Tax 7 Days *570#
Zong Youtube Super Weekly Max 15GB Data for Youtube 15 GB All Internet Data Rs. 299 07 Days*570#
PACKAGE Zong Weekly YouTube
VOLUME 8GB for Youtube
PRICE Rs. 135 + Tax
PACKAGE Zong Youtube Super Weekly Max
VOLUME 15GB Data for Youtube 15 GB All Internet Data
PRICE Rs. 299

Clauses & Conditions

  • These offers are only available for prepaid users.
  • These offers are non-recursive, so you have to re-subscribe them when they expire.
  • These offers are available to all Zong prepaid users across the country.