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Paktel by Cable & Wireless was the name Zong began operating in 1991. It was the first firm to be awarded a free license to provide cellular phone services in Pakistan. It provided AMPS services until 2004 when the firm began offering GSM services to customers. Millicom Corporation purchased Paktel from Cable & Wireless in the year 2003.
Chinese telecommunications company China Mobile expressed interest in purchasing Millicom International Cellular S.A.'s holding in Paktel Limited in January 2007. Paktel's worth increased as a result of the selling.
China Mobile Pakistan was established in May 2007 after the name of Paktel Limited was changed. China Mobile declared in May 2007 that it had grown its ownership position in CMPak by a significant amount. Paktel was renamed Zong on April 1, 2008, after a transition period.

zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong 4G has hit a new milestone with even more than 6 million active members, marking the company's expansion. Zong 4G has maintained an unwavering emphasis on the demands of its consumers. In contrast, it has continued to develop its network and services to meet those needs, resulting in a unique combination of affordability and seamless connection. Zong is always offering new 4G packages to ensure that you can remain in touch with your friends and loved ones. Customers of Zong's prepaid and postpaid plans may now take advantage of new Zong internet Packages. Zong Shandaar Weekly Package, Zong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package, Super Weekly Plus, and Super Weekly are the most frequently purchased internet packages.

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Through the deployment of more than 6000 base stations, Zong has established the country's third-biggest cellular network. Zong has erected solar-powered cell sites in several different areas due to its commitment to being environmentally friendly. It is home to the most extensive solar-powered cellular network in the nation. Facebook and Zong have collaborated to launch Free Basics plans in Pakistan, which provides access to 50+ free services across various categories, including sports, education, news, health, travel, jobs, entertainment, and services for women. When it comes to cellular mobile voice and data services in Pakistan, Zong specializes in supplying 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies to the local market.

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The Super Student Bundle is a special package created just for students. You may access data and make phone calls using the bundle for a bit of a fee. Along with the data bundles mentioned below, Zong also provides two add-ons. If you have used up 80 percent of your data volume, you will be granted permission to add a few more megabytes to your data capacity.