Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Ufone SMS Packages

ufone Daily SMS Packages

"It's all about you" is the slogan of Ufone, a subsidiary of Pak Telecom Mobile Limited, which was established in January 2001 under the brand name of Ufone. Pakistan's telecommunications industry got more significant as a result of this. With its low-cost call bundles, SMS packages, and dependable internet packages, it has become quite popular among the general people. Ufone packages, which promise the lowest rates in history, are designed for those who want to remain in contact with friends and family in the most cost-effective way possible. Ufone Daily SMS plan, which provides you with 1500 SMS with a validity of 24 hours, is one of Pakistan's most widely used SMS packages.

ufone Weekly SMS Packages

As part of its other offerings, Ufone promises to provide the lowest SMS rates in the country. The SMS packages offered by Ufone cater to consumers who like utilizing their mobile phones to interact with their friends and family members via SMS. Mobile SMS bundles from Ufone are available only to Ufone prepaid customers who enjoy communicating with one another through text message. The Ufone Weekly SMS Package is one of the most widely utilized offerings by consumers since it provides 1200 texts on any network with a validity of 7 days and can be subscribed to by writing SUB in a message to 608 for a cost of Rs 10+tax.

ufone Monthly SMS Packages

Ufone is recognized for providing several low-cost options in order to achieve its objective of making its services accessible to every citizen in Pakistan. An appropriate SMS bundle of their choosing may be selected by the consumers, allowing them to enjoy contacting their friends and family without worrying about paying for each message they send. A range of Ufone SMS packages are available from Ufone, including daily, weekly, and monthly SMS, as well as fortnightly and 45-day SMS. Also heavily promoted by Ufone is its positioning as "the link for the people." Initially, the corporation set out with the lofty objective of providing every Pakistani with a mobile phone in an age when such devices were a bit of a rarity.

ufone Other SMS Packages

Innovating in advertising or offering a variety of packages to its clients, Ufone is well-known for being a leader in the industry. Here are some of the various SMS package services that Ufone provides to its consumers, including Fortnightly SMS Packages, which give the users 10,000 SMS with a validity of 14 days and can be subscribed to by sending the SUB message to 603 with a fee of Rs 30 plus taxes.