Jazz Call Packages

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Jazz, known initially as 'Mobilink,' is one of Pakistan's major networks. It was founded in 1994 and became Pakistan's official voice in 1999. It was formerly known as Mobilink (PMCL), and its enticing offerings have inspired Pakistanis to embrace the Mobilink way of life. In 2015, they bought another extensive network in Pakistan called 'Warid.' Both are servicing millions of subscribers in Pakistan, accounting for 37% of the overall market share. Jazz is the music of preference for every Pakistani.

Jazz Weekly Call Packages

The slogan 'Dunya ko Bataa Do' is a company that is constantly aware of its client's requirements. Jazz has unquestionably taken facilitation to a whole new level with its incredible weekly voice bundles offered at really affordable pricing. When you subscribe to Jazz, you'll get the 'Jazz Super Sim Offer,' which provides you with 600 On-Net minutes, 600 SMS, and 6 GB's in exchange for only Rs.50. Jazz offers one of the most affordable weekly packages, "Jazz Work From Home Bundle," in Pakistan for just Rs 95, which allows you to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues all across the country with unlimited On-Net Minutes and 10 GB of internet. Jazz offers both pre-paid and post-paid services to its consumers and corporate customers. A double-decker 'New SIM' deal is available for the next seven days; get a new Jazz SIM now and receive 1500 On-Net minutes, 1500 SMS messages along with 1500 MBs for only Rs 100. Jazz, being one of Pakistan's most well-established networks, is well-versed in the requirements of its clients. You may enjoy an excellent deal for a week by purchasing the 'Jazz Weekly All Network Package,' which includes 1000 On-Net minutes, 60 Off-Net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2 GBs for a total of Rs 170. Jazz has also introduced the 'SINDH HAFTAWAR OFFER' for its consumers. The bundle has included 12 GB ​DATA (6 GB between 2 a.m.-2 p.m.), 5000 On-Net Mins, 50 Off-Net Mins, 5000 SMS for Rs.228 only. 

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Currently, Jazz serves up to 56 million members in Pakistan, and the network has more than 8500 operational cell sites, which are continuing to expand. Jazz is captivating its clients with some new and intriguing monthly deals, with the goal of providing them with something new and exciting every now and then. In addition, when you subscribe to Jazz, you'll get the 'Jazz Sim Lagao,' which provides you with 3000 On-Net minutes, 3000 SMS, and 1500 MB's (excluding between 9 pm and 1 am) for only Rs 0.06. If you are a Jazz client who has not been using your SIM card, it is imperative that you get your phones, reactivate your sim cards, and contact *551#. Jazz provides an incredible month-to-month package that includes free On-Net, Off-Net, SMS, and internet service. Jazz offers the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer, which provides: 5000 On-Net minutes, 300 Off-Net minutes, 5000 SMS, 15 GB of mobile internet for a monthly fee of Rs 800.

Jazz Other Call Packages

Jazz is a well-known brand when it comes to Pakistan's telecommunications networks. This is due to the fact that Jazz has a very aggressive marketing strategy and provides several really appealing package deals. Jazz keeps its clients engaged with a variety of offerings ranging from daily deals to weekly packages and monthly bundles. Additionally, there are a number of additional discounts available to take advantage of as well. Jazz clients may now take advantage of the Jazz Jazz Sim Lagao Offer, which provides them 3000 Off-net minutes, 3000 On-net minutes, and 6 Gb's of free internet. By calling *551#, you may take advantage of the deal for only Rs.0.01. Jazz's services are now servicing customers of Warid as a result of the acquisition.