Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Zong Calls Packages

zong Daily Call Packages

The 'Zong Shandaar Daily Package' provides unlimited free On-Net minutes, 800 SMS, and 50MB of data for Rs 3. The 'Zong Perfect Package' provides 10,000 On-Net minutes, including 40 M.B.s of internet data and 500 SMS for Rs 5. The 'Zong Non-Stop Package' provides Unlimited free On-Net minutes from 10 pm to 7 pm for Rs 10. Another plan, the 'Zong Perfect Package,' provides 10000 On-Net minutes, 500 SMS (for any network), and 40MBs of internet data for a daily fee of Rs 12 plus tax. This package is also available in other languages. The package is revived once a day, at the stroke of midnight. This package is designed for customers who need SMS bundles and voice call services and have limited financial means.

zong Weekly Call Packages

Pakistani telecommunications business Zong provides phone and internet data services to its clients via its network of towers and fiber optic cables. No matter where you travel in Pakistan, you will get the most excellent services, whether you are a postpaid or a prepaid user. Zong is committed to meeting the needs of all of its consumers, whether they are students, professionals, or residential clients.
Similarly, the 'Zong All-In-1 Bundle (Weekly)' is similar to this deal. Still, it has additional services, including 700 free SMS to all networks, 40 free Off-Net minutes, 700 free On-Net minutes, and 700 MB of internet access for a total cost of Rs 150. It provides a variety of low-cost bundles. For Rs 90, Zong provides its 'Zong Karachi Offer,' which includes access to all its services. There are 5000 SMS to any network, 75 free Off-Net minutes, 5000 On-Net minutes, and 5000 MBs of internet access included in the offer. Zong never disappoints its customers and provides the best and most cheap call packages in a nutshell.

zong Monthly Call Packages

Zong offers an all-in-one bundle that is highly popular among Zong subscribers; the package is known as the 'Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000' and includes all features that a consumer could want. 'Zong Supreme Offer' includes 5,000 On-Net minutes, 300 Off-Net minutes, 5,000 SMS, and 5000 MBs of free internet. This is a reasonably reasonable plan, and it can be obtained by paying Rs 1000 per month in monthly subscription fees. The plan includes all services for the duration of the month at the lowest possible cost. Although the bundle contains 2000 On-Net minutes,2000 SMS, 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 MB of WhatsApp data, and 2000 MB of internet data with 4G internet services, the package costs Rs 500 comes with 150 Off-Net minutes, 2000 On-Net min For Rs 500, you may get 1000 On-Net min, 50 Off-Net minutes, 2500 MBs of mobile internet bandwidth for the full month and 1000 SMS.

zong Other Call Packages

Users of Zong are well-known for their high levels of satisfaction, owing to the fact that the company never actually compromises on service quality and the packages and offers. These packages are in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly packages that Zong already offers to its consumers. Anyone curious about other packages may find them on Zong's website, which includes cost-effective and relatively simple packages to use. Zong understands how to please its clients by providing them with some incredible deals from time to time at very reasonable costs.