Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly ufone Internet Packages

ufone Daily Internet Packages

With a subscriber base of over 23 million, Pakistani telecommunications company Ufone is offering some fascinating daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages to its customers. Since its operations in 2001, the firm has worked tirelessly to give its consumers the finest and most cheap internet services possible. Furthermore, in February 2019, the corporation launched its 4G services in many regions of the nation, including the capital. With the arrival of 4G service, Ufone has offered a number of internet packages for its customers, which we will go through one by one in this article. There are numerous Ufone daily internet packages available, including "Ufone Mega Internet," "Ufone Daily Light," "Ufone Daily Off-Peak Plus," and "Ufone Best Day Offer." There are also Ufone weekly internet packages available. Customers who purchase the "Ufone Mega Internet" internet plan get 2 GB of data for a total cost of Rs. 17 for 1 day.

ufone Weekly Internet Packages

In order to meet the demands of its consumers, Ufone has created a number of weekly internet packages that provide a large amount of data at a reasonable price. Customers may meet their data requirements by taking advantage of these weekly discounts. When it comes to weekly internet packages, Ufone offers options such as the "Ufone Weekly Super Internet" and "Ufone Internet Max Offer" bundles, which provide users with a large quantity of data at a reasonable cost. Prepaid sim customers may receive 25 GB(1 am till 9 am) of data for Rs 70 with the "Ufone Internet Max Offer" internet package, valid for one week.

ufone Monthly Internet Packages

The monthly internet packages offered by Ufone, which is the preferred provider of many Pakistanis because of its excellent coverage and inexpensive data costs, are diverse and affordable. The company offers various fascinating internet packages in this area, such as "Monthly Light," "Ufone Super Internet Plus," "Ufone Monthly Light," "Ufone Social Monthly Package," "Ufone Monthly Max," and others, that are suited for customers with varying data use needs. Users of the "Ufone Super Internet Plus" service will get 16 GB of data (8GB from 1 am to 9 am) for a period of 30 days. Customers of Ufone must recharge their balance with a load of Rs.499in order to take advantage of this offer. Simply call *290# or use the Ufone mobile app after refilling your account to activate this fantastic internet bundle.

ufone Other Internet Packages

Customers of Ufone may take advantage of specific content bundles and 3-day internet packages, much like those offered by other mobile networks, to get access to high-speed internet services. Customers who purchase the "Ufone Mini Super Card" deal will get 600 MB in Rs. 30 for 15 days. Prepaid consumers interested in taking advantage of the offer may do so using the Ufone mobile app or dialing *230# on their mobile phone.