Best Ufone Special Daily 3G Offer

Best Ufone Special Daily 3G Offer - ufone internet packages


Internet Data

One Day



Taxes are Included

As a night user, you can take advantage of this subscription, which provides 50 megabytes of internet and 750 megabytes of social bundle storage for only Rs. 7 per day charges. Everything is included in the price. Every session saves a certain amount of data to improve the client experience. When your data bucket runs out, you'll have to pay for each session individually at the standard rate for your mobile plan.

Charges will be made after the bucket volume is used up. They will be made using the default tariff, Rs.2.50+tax per MB when the charge pulse is 512 Kbs. The first time you use 25 MB of data, you'll receive an additional 150 MB for free till midnight, and so on. Every day at 00:00 hrs. Will reset the volume collector.


  • To get an offer, dial: *3461#
  • To check remaining SMS: *706#