Hourly, Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Telenor Call Packages

telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor responds to the needs of its consumers by providing them with appealing call bundle options. Telenor offers a variety of plans with prices ranging from Rs 6to Rs 500. This means that you have a plethora of alternatives to select from when it comes to finding a Telenor call package that meets your specific requirements and budget. The cheapest option is the "Telenor Good Time Offer," which costs only Rs 6 and includes unlimited On-Net calls for 2 hours. "Telenor Full Day Package" is another widely sought-after daily plan, which includes Unlimited On-Net minutes as well as 50 MBs of internet. The "Telenor Din Bhar Package" includes 100,000 free On-Net minutes, as well as 20 MB of internet bandwidth.

telenor Weekly Call Packages

Telenor not only offers daily call packages, but it also offers weekly call packages that include a variety of various options. The 'Telenor Free First Call Offer' and the "Telenor Haftawaar Offpeak Offer" are both 7-day packages that include unlimited On-Net minutes, respectively. In addition to the "Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Package," which gives 1000 Telenor minutes, 70 MBs of free internet data, and 700 SMS, Telenor now offers the "Telenor Weekly Internet All In One," which provides 1000 On-Net min, 50 Off-Net min and 1500 MBs of free internet data for Rs 130. The "Telenor Haftawar Chappar Phaar Package" plan, which costs Rs 90, provides unlimited on-net minutes and 70 MB of data.

telenor Monthly Call Packages

When it comes to the Pakistani telecommunications industry, Telenor is a behemoth. Due to its established brand name and the millions of consumers who use its services, Telenor is committed to ensuring that its consumers are happy with its products and services. In order to do this, presenting a range of bundles and tempting deals is the most effective strategy, and the organization is doing an excellent job in this respect. Utilize your SIM card after a period of inactivity. You may take advantage of Telenor's "Sim Lagao Offer," which provides you with 3000 Telenor minutes and 10000 MBs for free. Customers of Telenor Djuice may take advantage of the "Telenor Monthly Easy Card 450," which provides them with 500 On-Net minutes, 1 GB of free data for social media, 500 free SMS to all networks, 50 Off-Net minutes, and other benefits for only Rs 40.

telenor Other Call Packages

Telenor's "Djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer" provides unlimited free calls for three days (FNF only), 500 SMS, and 50 MB of data for a total cost of Rs 34. 'Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Package' is another deal that provides 100000 free On-Net minutes for three days in exchange for a one-time payment of Rs 34. Similar services are provided via the "Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer". For example, 600 free On-Net Minutes and 50 MB of free internet access are all included in the promotion. It doesn't matter where you are or what kind of bundle you're searching for; Telenor offers something for everyone. The highest levels of customer satisfaction are seen among Telenor customers when it comes to the services, particularly when it comes to the offers and packages.