Weekly All Network Jazz Deal

Weekly All Network Jazz Deal - jazz call packages


On-Net Minutes


Free SMS (All Networks)


Off-Net Minutes

2 GB

Internet Data

7 Days


PKR 182

Taxes are Included

Jazz continues to delight its clients with new promotions. As a part of the Weekly All-Network Deal, you'll get access to all of all networks for seven days. For only Rs.170 (including tax) per week, you can have it all. Users will need to keep dialing *700# to use this bundle more than once because it is not recursive.


  • To get an offer: 700#
  • To check full Status : 700
  • To Unsubscribe this : 700
  • Information about deal :700

Clauses and conditions

  • The offer is only valid for a specified period.
  • May revoke the offer at any time.
  • Terms & Conditions are applicable.
  • There is an Rs.185 subscription charge for Gwadar and Turbat matches (Incl. tax)
  • When a consumer dials *700#, they will be subscribed to the Weekly All Network Offer for exactly 7 calendar days, with the offer expiring at midnight on the seventh day.