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Nayatel is an internet provider in Pakistan. Nayatel packages offer a variety of options for both professional and personal use. Nayatel offers many different packages, some with unlimited data and others with a set limit. The company also has various features to cater to your needs, such as parental controls, chat services, video conferencing tools, and more!

Nayatel provides its services in Pakistan via double fiber (FTTH) cables. Nayatel's network has converted four major cities, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad, into the world's most linked optically wired cities. Nayatel's coverage area is expanding daily, and the company is delivering additional services under a single brand. One of the company's hallmarks is state-of-the-art customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is prepared to go the additional mile to understand and meet the demands of its customers.

Nayatel offers a wide variety of monthly internet packages that have been specifically tailored to meet the needs of every customer who uses the service. They provide a wide range of internet services, ranging from economy and budget packages to 100 Mbps unlimited internet packages.

Package Bandwidth Downloads Price
Unlimited 10 10Mbps Unlimited1599/mo
Unlimited 15 15Mbps Unlimited 1999/mo
Unlimited 20 20Mbps Unlimited 2399/mo
Unlimited 25 25Mbps Unlimited 2799/mo
Unlimited 30 30Mbps Unlimited 3299/mo
Unlimited 50 50Mbps Unlimited 4999/mo
Unlimited 7070Mbps Unlimited 7299/mo
Unlimited 100 100Mbps Unlimited 9999/mo
Package Unlimited 10
Bandwidth 10Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Package Unlimited 15
Bandwidth 15Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 1999/mo
Package Unlimited 20
Bandwidth 20Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 2399/mo
Package Unlimited 25
Bandwidth 25Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 2799/mo
Package Unlimited 30
Bandwidth 30Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 3299/mo
Package Unlimited 50
Bandwidth 50Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 4999/mo
PackageUnlimited 70
Downloads Unlimited
Price 7299/mo
Package Unlimited 100
Bandwidth 100Mbps
Downloads Unlimited
Price 9999/mo

How to Apply

You may sign up for Nayatel internet by phoning their customer service at ISB +92 (51) 111 11 44 44, FSD +92 (41) 111 11 44 44, sms at +92 302 8555941, +92 302 8555942, or WhatsApp at +92 302 8555941.

You may also request a new connection by visiting