Avoid purchasing the following Apple items in July 2021.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

If you look at how Apple manages its product lineup, you'll notice that it's pretty sophisticated. A continual sprinkling of new goods or updates maintains all look fresh even if some are long outdated.

Don't be fooled by the appearance......!

Check out the list of things that you should not buy at this moment.

iPhone 12

The whole iPhone 12 lineup is as follows: The yearly update cycle is very well set in stone, and we know that new upgrades will be released in September and October.

The iPhone SE:

The iPhone SE has been around for more than a year. Although it was a fantastic time, the current pricing is too costly, mainly when an update may be forthcoming (could be eliminated).

iPad Mini :

Soon, an upgraded iPad Mini will arrive, and it appears to be a considerable improvement, so save your money.

MacBook Pro:

So Apple is about to release a significant upgrade to its silicon components, and unless you absolutely must get one, you should hold off on replacing your MacBook Pro for a while.


It is rumoured that upcoming updates are in the works for AirPods. Although AirPods Pro may be OK to purchase, AirPods Max should only be purchased if needed.

Apple Watch:

Currently, we believe that the likelihood of an upgraded landing in September is high, so if you can, wait. So Apple watch is not worth, buying right now.


No, thank you. Mini, on the other hand, is acceptable, say no to Homepod

iPod touch:

Don't even think of touching that!