In Karachi, a brain eating amoeba kills four people.

ByFaisal Chughtai | Published date:

The fourth fatality due to brain devouring amoeba Naeglería fowleri was reported by health officials in Karachi, citing a 2011 research that recorded 13 Karachi cases that same year.

A 30-year-old neurosurgeon died of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis (PAM) last week at Liaquat National Hospital, while 8-year-old Zohaib died of PAM a few days later.

The uncommon and lethal bacteria have been linked to Karachi's filthy water supply, serving the rest of the province.

Until now, officials have concluded that more than 95 percent of region-wise water samples from Karachi are unsuitable for consumption.

While the Karachi Water Sewerage Board refuses to accept responsibility for the potentially fatal condition, sewage pipes are leaking and polluting the water supply.

Adding bleaching powder to the water is not a solution, and experts advise chlorinating the water tanks.

Naegleria fowleri lives in warm waters on bacteria and assaults the neurological system when infected water is ingested through the nose during swimming or ablution. Only correct chlorination or hot water can destroy it.