A fresh antitrust complaint has been filed against Google over its Google Play Store fees.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

It's similar to the current state AG litigation bringing attention to the Epic vs. Apple issue.

According to Bloomberg, the group of state attorneys general filed a new antitrust case against Google on Wednesday, which says that the action claims Google abused its dominance over the Android app market.

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California challenging Google Play app developers' requirement to pay a 30% commission fee on app sales. Since Google is making it possible for users to purchase more digital goods on the Play Store, they are now adding new costs to cover them. These new fees specifically target popular applications that had previously been able to circumvent the tax.

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Google said in a blog post in response to the case, "It is surprising that a coalition of state attorneys general decided to pursue a lawsuit against a system that is more open and competitive than others." This complaint emulates the lawsuit that Epic Games, a famous game company, brought last year. That lawsuit requested damages from Google because Fortnite, the popular game it developed, is available for download outside of Google Play.

Google's activities were included in the Epic Games lawsuit in August, but it was eclipsed by Epic's second action against Apple and the App Store. However, the legal challenge is likely to have greater weight because it comes from state-level regulators who the state attorney general has authorized.

There have recently been a total of three antitrust lawsuits brought against Google, one of which is the DOJ's continuing action charging the corporation of monopoly activities in search advertising.

The Android ecosystem has generally been considered less of a monopolistic danger than iOS because the only source of installed applications on Android devices in Google Play. However, several fee structures of the Play Store have been put into doubt by the increased pressure on Apple.

Recent hearings have seen legislators and regulators dispute the ability of Apple and Google to use their app stores as the preferred locations for app installation. This strategy is also common for specific apps. Since that time, Google followed Apple's footsteps and drastically reduced their price to 15% for smaller developers in response to rising public outcry.