A Guideline About Fesco Bill - An Easy Way To Pay The Fesco Bill Online

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Fesco Electric Supply Company provides electricity to various cities. You can count on Faisalabad, Mianwali, Sargodha, Jhang, Chiniot, Toba Tek Singh, and Khushab. Another city, Bhakkar, is also included. It has 4.62 million customers. Luckily, the modern era has made it easier to pay the bills now. People of such districts can pay their bills online through fesco bill check online. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority allows the distribution license to make the customer's life convenient.

FESCO comes with its website named fescobill. Here the customers can check their bills for free by fesco bill check. There will be multiple ways to pay them. To check the complete facilities, you need to check IESCO Bill Online and PEPSCO Bill online. Don't forget to visit SEPCO bill online also.

FESCO Online Bills Checking


The customers are facilitated enough to check their bills regardless of area. Find it online whether the FESCO Online bill is for domestic, industrial, commercial, or residential. The essential thing to notice is the 14-digit reference number, the fesco duplicate bill. It will assist you in obtaining the FESCO duplicate bill online. Now you must be wondering how to check your electricity bill online. Am I right? Well, it's pretty simple. Following some basic steps can lead you to a hassle-free online bill payment process.

  • Get quick access to your browser. Locate the search option and add the FESCO Bill website.
  • Another way to download the FESCO bill app is using Appstore.
  • Back to the website method, provide the reference number. Make sure to enter the 14-digit reference number in the required space.
  • Afterward, click on the 'check bill' option. The online bill FESCO will also carry the due date and the bill payment. Also, check the late payment charges and reference number.
  • If you want to read it thoroughly, click on the 'view entire bill' button.
  • Take out the print by downloading the bill from the site.

Apart from getting a duplicate copy, the user can also obtain information regarding the history. You can also get the previous month's bill information by 'fesco online bill check previous month'. If you have a copy of the original invoice copy, it will be much easier to download the exact copy from here.

From where can you access the website or application of FESCO electricity bill online?

You can use any device, such as a mobile, laptop, tablet, and desktop computer.

What is the reference number, and how does it help in FESCO online bill check 2022?

A lot of peeps are still unaware of the reference number. Stay calm. Here is the solution. Do you have a copy of previous electricity bills? If so, then the user can easily find its reference number. Did I tell you that the reference number is the only thing helpful in getting the copy? Undeniably, it plays a vital role. The reference number will be given in the top left corner of the bill. Find it below the written rates. For further information, visit the FESCO bill website.

Payment method

Unlike in the older era, it is easy to pay the bills now. There are multiple ways to pay the bills without even stepping out.

Online payment

Website or application

The electricity bill FESCO is pretty easy to be paid online. It just requires internet banking to access the bank. The person can get details from the respective banks. The bank app will let you download the bills.

Easy Paisa/ Jazz cash

Different ways of FESCO online bill payments include easy paisa and jazz cash. Download the app related to easy paisa and jazz cash. Now open it and choose the pay bills option. Pick the option of FESCO. Afterward, add the 14-digit reference number in the space. They will make your payment once you press the "okay" option.

Offline payment

The bill is payable even offline. You can also pay it through commercial bank branches, apart from the post offices. However, download the FESCO bill from the FESCO Bill website. Take a print and pay your bill before the due date.

Bill payment via ATM

ATM is another easy yet effortless source to pay the bills. Put the ATM card in your machine and add the card pin. Now select the account type. Access the utility bill payment option. Pick the option of bill type.

FESCO Email service

The FESCO Email service is another incredible feature to enhance convenience. What you need to do is register the email. The email address will receive the electricity bill without any stress.

Terms & Conditions

The FESCO Online bill payment method also has its terms and conditions. It might not be evident to you at the beginning. Here is the explanation of some terms.

  • CR is the abbreviation of Credit Bill.
  • The user can get the amount only if he has paid the bills from the past.
  • A deferred bill means a bill that is divided into different installments.