How to perform NTN verification in Pakistan? A complete guideline

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Although it seems strange, many people are unaware of their NTN numbers. NTN verification is necessary to verify any business details of a person. Indeed, it helps to track the citizen of the Pakistani government. By using NTN verification, they investigate

Overview and Purpose of NTN check

People who provide income in the form of tax must register themselves by FBR NTN. FBR NTN enables you the Import and export products. The FBR NTN password is also helpful in performing the NTN verification. Obtaining the National Tax Number sets you free to perform any payable activities. It includes Income Tax, Federal Excise persistence, and the Transaction Tax.

Once you get the NTN verification, the person is liable for an annual Income Tax return. It acts as favorable for the businessman by strengthening their businesses. Besides that, it also ensures the opportunity to become a member of several top clubs. Accessing the extra perks won't be a big deal. NTN holds multiple types. For instance, we can count on personal NTN, Company's NTN, and Partnership. In addition, the primary purpose of every NTN type is the same.

NTN CHECK can save you from the penalty. In case of neglect, the person is accused of paying five thousand rupees. Therefore, it would be best to be careful. A slight change in the name can cause trouble. Make sure to notify the difference directly RTO before 15 days. People can go for registration anytime now. Luckily, the online registration facility provides complete access to the FBR portal. A person registers himself in an online session.


Responsibilities of NTN holder

After becoming an NTN holder, you are liable to pay the annual income tax returns. Always ensure to pay it before the due dates given by the Federal board of revenue. The due date for personal NTN is September 30, while the companies can pay by year-end.

Role of FBR (Federal Board of Revenue)

The Federal Board of Revenue is responsible for maintaining documentation by online NTN verification. The establishment was done on April 01, 1924. However, it was named CBR initially. On August 31, 1960, performed some changes. The task orientation of the organization happened in 1974. The FBR's Tax Profiling process makes the people understand the tax payment responsibilities. It creates a profile by collecting data from sources like expenses, assets, and other lifestyles. Tax profiles are considered a motivation for non-tax filers.

FBR NTN verification allows practical, credible, and maximum revenue collection. Apart from that, it brings improvement in the tax system. In short, it is a professional workforce that assists the taxpayer.

Regardless of the reason behind verification, the person can do it anytime, anywhere. Instead of going out, the person can perform an online NTN Inquiry. Every application is collected via an online portal. You can check your enrollment in the FBR NTN log. It will notify you in case of already enrolled.

How to Register for NTN Check?

Here's how you can register yourself

1- Collect all necessary documents

  • Copy of any electricity bill
  • Ownership paper

2- Further Information

  • Provide cell no registered by the name of the user
  • Provide an Email address to get FBR NTN

Get Enrollment

  • Visit the FBR website
  • Find the FBR NTN link and click on it
  • Locate the separate figure keys for cell number and address
  • Give the information and submit. Soon, you will receive a pin key and password via SMS or email after signing in.

Online NTN types

Online NTN holds three significant kinds. Here are the following

Personal NTN

The FBR's online NTN verification system issues the NTN by using the CNIC of the citizen. Usually, it is for salaried people or entrepreneurs.

Company's NTN:

People access the NTN for their companies. The securities issue registration certificates based on registrations. The verification is done by FBR NTN verification.


It is also named the Association of individuals. Such a kind of NTN is taken by the people doing their business in Partnership. The least number required for Partnership is a minimum of two. You can approach it by registration certificates.

Process of Online NTN verification in Pakistan


The online NTN Inquiry is easily accessible through online portals. All you need to do is visit the FBR's website.

  • Locate the FBR NTN inquiry option on the screen
  • Choose the right parameter type. Afterward, select the NTN.
  • Enter the registration number
  • Once you provide all information, you are ready for FBR verification NTN.

Further ways to get online NTN inquiry

Another way to access online verification is using FBR's Tax Asaan App. Apart from that, you can even access the list of active taxpayers. It is a quick way to make e-payments while simplifying the registration process.

Benefits of being a Tax filer

It might be surprising to you, but the active taxpayer has to pay only 10% tax. Meanwhile, the non-filer will have to pay 20%. There will be a withdrawal of 50,000 in a single day. The standard tax deduction will be beneficial for cash withdrawal and profits both. Also, you will see a significant edge in the sale and purchase of the property. While registering for motor vehicles, there will be an automatic deduction from the income.