Lahore Medical Students Protested against faulty fans and university ACs.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

AIMS-Allama Iqbal Medical College students walked out of class today to protest the college's broken air conditioners and fans.

The students' current situation has presented them with a significant challenge: they cannot continue their schooling because the fans and ACs aren't working in order, which exacerbates the already unbearable heat.

The administration has been ordered to fix or replace all of the fans that are out of order and the air conditioning units. The students are taking steps to influence admittance standards by insisting on a comfortable study environment. Students of the medical college boycotted their classes for protests.

Additionally, the students have expressed concerns about campus infrastructure; yet, they can no longer continue studying.

This is not only the first case due to illness epidemics in Pakistan, the healthcare system is significantly challenged. Inadequate health facilities, poor health policy, poor administration, and public apathy exacerbate the problem.