Pakistan produces for diabetic, sugar-free mangoes.

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

In the Pakistani diabetes markets, three new variants of sugar-free mangoes having 4 to 6 percent sugar content have been introduced.

Tando Allahyar, Sindh, was the site of scientific alterations carried out by a Pakistani mango expert at a private agriculture farm, which resulted in the production of three kinds of sugar-free mangoes.

For five years, the M H Panhwar Farms have been researching and scientifically modified mangoes. Sonaro, Glenn, and Keitt are the names of the three mango varieties developed as a result of this research and are now available in local markets.

Sugar-free mangoes are available to help people with diabetes, as most calories in mangoes are derived from sugar.

M H Panhwar's nephew and mango expert, Ghulam Sarwar, stated the former was skilled in organic farming and had written a wide range of fruit study articles and manuals.

He stated, "The Pakistani government has given Mr. Panhwar Sitara-e-Imtiaz for his research on fruits, which include mangoes and bananas. In the aftermath of his death, I carried on his work and made modifications after importing different varieties of mangoes to test their growth in this environment and soil."

Sarwar explained, The project is personally conducted, and the government departments are not assisting us. I wish to publicize these varieties on a national and international scale. We consider national interests, but we are not interested in [using this project] to generate profits for ourselves.

"Keitt has the lowest level of sugar up to 4,7% whilst Sonaro and Glenn correspondingly have levels up to 5,6% and 6%," he noted.