The National Federation of Flour Mills Announces a Two-Day Strike

ByShehryar Makhdoom | Published date:

The Pakistan Flour Mills Union has called a two-day walkout to propose an increase in revenue tax in the revenue of flour mills and an increase in the income tax on bran from tomorrow.

Tariq Sadiq, Patron Saint of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Flour Mills Association, said that unless our demands are accepted, we will start an unlimited national strike, as the Pakistan Flour Mills Association has decided.

He claimed that flour provides 70% of people's nutritional needs and will not be pricey. "Bran consumes animals and imposing the extra sales tax is a mistake because the rise will lead to a price increase in milk meat and livestock items by Rupees. 10 per kg," he added.

Punjab Asim Raza, Chairman of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association, said that cigarettes play a greater role than flour in the unwarranted budget and do not make any sense.

Important food products worldwide are not taxed to keep the prices of their mass purchasing power. At the same time, trillions have been given subsidies in the pandemic to help consumers, but in Pakistan is different.

He reported that Pakistan consumes 285a million tonnes of flour annually and its price must not be raised but reduced so that the masses bleeding through fugitive inflation can be relieved.

The National government should remove 17 percent sales tax on a choker and restore the one-time tax of 0.25 pc turnover, he warned. It is a crisis that is not helpful, but that paves the way for a new problem in the country.