Shoaib Akhtar finally receives an apology from Dr. Nauman.

ByFaisal Chughtai | Published date:

Dr. Nauman Niaz, a renowned cricket historian and PTV anchorperson, has finally apologized to Shoaib Akhtar for his actions on National Television. During the post-match debate after Pakistan triumphs over New Zealand on the popular cricket program 'Game on Hai,' Shoaib and Dr. Nauman got into an on-screen dispute. Dr. Nauman refused to apologize to Shoaib on the broadcast. Therefore he resigned from PTV live. Shoaib said that he could not continue due to the way he was treated in front of the whole country.

Dr. Nauman's improper conduct toward Shoaib sparked outrage on social media, with many demanding that he resign from his position and publicly apologize to Shoaib. PTV Network suspended both Shoaib and Dr. Nauman for their roles in the quarrel. Dr. Nauman ultimately apologized to Shoaib and detailed the circumstances of the incident in a YouTube interview with famous journalist Rauf Klasra.

"The repercussions of my on-air outburst are totally fair. To err is human, that should not have happened and for that, I can apologize for not only once but a million times. I know I hurt the sentiments of a lot of people and that includes Shoaib Akhtar, who has been a rollicking star… regardless of the fact that it was his mistake or not," Dr. Nauman said.

Dr. Nauman also disclosed that Shoaib had often breached his contract with PTV before the event. He said that Shoaib appeared on other TV programs while under contract with PTV and did not show up for work throughout the tournament. He noted that Shoaib's first appearance in the T20 World Cup came during the Pakistan-India match, despite being contracted to play from the start of the competition.