Sim Information with Number - Easiest way to check Sim Owner Details

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Sim information with number, a SIM card is an included circuit (IC) supposed to safely save the global cellular subscriber identification (IMSI) variety and its associated key. It can be used to perceive and authenticate subscribers on cellular telephony gadgets (cellular telephones and computers). SIMs are usually used on GSM telephones; for CDMA telephones, they're most effective for LTE-successful handsets.

SIM cards can also be utilised in satellite tv for pc telephones, clever watches, computers, or cameras. In the past, sims were more extensive than now, but with the invention of new technology, they have been reduced to a smaller size. The SIM card is a significant communication invention. Without a sim card, a cell phone is useless.

There are numerous networks in Pakistan.

  • Jazz
  • Warid
  • Zong
  • Telenor
  • U-fone

System of sim information In Pakistan

On the other hand, the increasing ratio of terrorism in Pakistan advanced when there was no proper system of keeping information about Sim customers. As a result, it led the authorities to take the initiative to sign up everyone's sim card. Every cellular telecall smartphone proprietor had to sign up for their cellular telephones and their sims in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

We are discussing the ways and methods to sign up and block your sims in Pakistan. Let's have a look at them.

How To Register Your SIM? How To Activate The New SIM In Pakistan?

If you want to buy a brand new Sim, you firstly need to sign it up. For that case, you need your CNIC to sign up. Due to this process, sim ownership details along with sim number details are registered and can prevent unwanted incidents.

To be more precise, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and NADRA paintings mutually keep a document of almost all of the customers who have active sim cards. By doing so, there will be at least a relief of less to no terrorism in Pakistan.

Now, Let’s talk about the steps to register your SIM (Subscriber Information Module)

First, you need to go to any Franchise like Jazz, Telenor, Ufone, Warid and Zong

  • Then, it would be best if you showed your CNIC for biometric verification.
  • After that, You finally get a New SIM
  • Later, you need to insert it into your cellular phone
  • Finally, after performing all the steps, your SIM will be energetic in almost 24 hours.

Checking The Verification Status Of Your SIM- steps

The PTA, also known as Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, has made checking the verification status of the sim relatively easy.

For this purpose, some SMS Codes are available, and all the mobile networks have different codes. So, let’s have a look at the codes!

For checking the verification status of a JAZZ sim, you will need to send your CNIC Number to 6001. For checking the verification status of the Telenor sim, you will need to send your CNIC number to 7751. For checking the verification status of Ufone: Dial *336#

Furthermore, PTA also offers a carrier to test and affirm your registered SIMs in opposition to the SIMS through sending a textual content to 668.

Or you can also have a look at the reputation online. Let’s talk about the stairs for restriction of the variety of SIMS


NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) offers an internet machine to affirm the variety of cellular networks registered to your CNIC.

Likewise, if you’re a foreigner, you can also look at the variety of Sims in opposition to your Sims.

● First, go to the official website

● Then, enter your CNIC variety without any spaces between them.

● After that, Verify that you’re not a robot. Once you are done, submit it.

● You’ll get a list of all the sims registered in your CNIC.

On the other hand, you may send an SMS 668 to affirm the variety of registered sims in opposition to the CNIC Number you have.

● Now, Open the Message Box on your cellular mobile phone

● Click on New Message.

● Then, type your CNIC Number And Send it to 668.

● You’ll get hold of the statistics of all Sims that are registered on your CNIC (National Identity Card)


Lastly, the system to block your SIM in opposition to your National ID Card follows the same procedure as registering the SIM.

● Visit any of the nearby Franchise that is convenient to you

● Then Present your CNIC to the shop owner

● After that, Ask them to unregister/block your SIM.

● You'll have to do Biometric Verification

● Then finally, Your SIM will be blocked.


Finally, the SIM Information System may be very dependable and handy, especially in Pakistan, where incidents are a common thing to happen. After buying a sim, verification is a must to prevent unwanted incidents that have happened in the past.

The different e-governance tasks like online automobile verification, checking sims registered on your CNIC, blocking a sim etc., have been easy and satisfactory.

Online processes like these enhance the customer offerings in Pakistan and make various processes easy.