Zong Balance Share Code 2022 - How to Share Zong Balance

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Zong balance share is a popular service introduced by Zong to share balance with your friend and family around the country without even leaving home. Zong has provided their customers with the best service possible for the past few years. Whether a simple phone call or an international data plan, they have your needs covered.

Zong 4G is one of Pakistan's most widely utilized telecommunications service providers. Zong offers a variety of services to cater to everyone's needs. They provide wireless plans that are perfect for students and families alike and business packages for those who need more than just one line. Their customer service is top-notch, so you'll never get disappointed.

The 'Zong Yaari Load' service is the name given to the Zong Balance sharing service. Customers may use two services provided by the Zong: the Balance Transfer and the Balance Request. Users may transfer their remaining amount to their friends and family members using the balance transfer service. On the other hand, the balance request feature helps consumers in times of need by allowing them to seek a loan from their family and friends. However, many of you may not be aware of the procedure for transferring the balance on Zong. However, you need not be concerned since this post will undoubtedly assist you in sharing balance on Zong 4G.

You may use Zong Yaari load as a convenient service that can be pretty beneficial in times of need.

Zong Balance Share Code:

To share credit on Zong 4G, dial *828# from your keypad, and a message will appear asking you to input the phone number with whom you'd want to share the amount. After you have entered the number, click on Transfer, and you will be prompted to input the amount you want to send. Enter the desired amount and press the "Send" button. Immediately after pressing the Send button, the amount will be sent to the Zong number that you provided previously.

zong balance share

  • Balance Transfer: dial *828#
  • Balance Request: dial *829#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both the receiver and the sender must be prepaid users.
  • The minimum is Rs. 10/- and a maximum RS. 200 can be shared.
  • Minimum Rs. 5 must have in the sender account after completing the "Yaari Load'.
  • Only five transactions are allowed per day.