Telenor Balance Share - How to Share Balance in Telenor?

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The Telenor balance share is a unique service offered by Telenor to its customers. The customer can request his account balance to be shared with another number on the same Telenor network.

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The Telenor balance share code is a new way of sharing your balance with others. It's very easy to do, and all it takes is one click!

Using the Telenor smart share tool, you may quickly share your balance or credit with your friends and family members. If you have a Telenor sim, the balance sharing code shown below will allow you to share your balance quickly.

How to share balance in Telenor?

Any Telenor customer may share their balance by simply doing:

telenor balance share

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  • Dial *1*1*92345XXXXXXX*amount#. To share your balance with someone else, e.g., *1*1*03401234567*130#.
  • Next, you must confirm by selecting 1 to complete the balance transaction.

Note: To ensure that the code works as intended, you must enter it in the exact same style as shown above.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both the receiver and the sender must be prepaid users.
  • Each balance share costs Rs.5.98 to the sender.
  • The minimum is Rs. 20/- and a maximum RS. 200 can be shared.
  • Only ten transactions are allowed per day.