Complete Guideline about MEPCO Online System - An Easy Way to Pay the MEPCO Bill Online

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It would be stupid to deny the rapid growth of Multan Electricity Power Company. Why? Because it has been serving for about two decades and provides electricity for up to 34 million people. Therefore, searching for a mepco bill check is vital. It owns all the power stations and organizations of the Multan Electricity Board. For now, it covers a significant part of Southern Punjab. Apart from Multan, it covers 13 distinct areas. Due to technological advancement, the tradition of standing in line doesn't exist anymore. Indeed, by approaching the MEPCO Bill, users can get all of their concerns addressed. Besides that, it will save energy and time. Regardless of the gadget kind, you can pay MEPCO BILL ONLINE. Hence, undeniably, the MEPCO Online Bill facility is a true blessing for the people of Multan.

MEPCO allows the corporation of five distinct organizations. You can count on for QESCO, HESCO, PESCO, LESCO and FESCO. It has become the largest electricity distributor by providing secure and dependable power to all consumers. The portal of the MEPCO online bill is given to the company for your convenience. It helps users to check the MEPCO Bills online. Also, it provides access to get information regarding due dates, recent bills, or checking the entire online bill.

Later on, you can quickly pay the MEPCO online bill and download the copy.

Let's have a brief introduction regarding the MEPCO before moving toward the MEPCO ONLINE CHECK.

Overview of MEPCO Multan

The foundation of MEPCO was performed on 14 May 1988. It used the attachment of a bit of body. In addition, it operates under the MEPD. The credit for declaring it as a separate power company of south Punjab goes to Federal Govt. Although, initially, there was no online system. However, thanks to the modern era, everything is much easier now. Paying the MEPCO customer bill online is a matter of no hassle now.

Get quick access to Mepco Online bill check to have the required information.


The introduction of the E-bill system or portal has brought a massive convenience to WAPDA. There is no need to wait for the hard copy of the bill. In the early time, people get a penalty for late payments. The reason behind it was the late receiving of bills. Luckily, the MEPCO Bill-check mepco bill online saves you from extra hassle.

First, you need to visit the official website. Afterward, enter the reference number. There will be a copy of the Mepco bill once you enter the reference number. However, it would help if you kept remembering these essential facts.

  • The reference number limits up to only 14 digits
  • Make sure to enter the digit without space
  • Once you put the reference number, click on the submit button.
  • Receive the web-based power charge duplicate.
  • Tap the 'print' button and download its copy. There you go. This is all you need to do to get your bill online.


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Now here is another exciting feature. After getting your bill online, the user can pay their bill by using any device at home. Here are some essential steps to follow

  • Pick any versatile financial application rather than going out
  • Pick the service bill
  • Now enter your reference number
  • Locate the 'pay' button
  • It will take only seconds to pay your bill online.

How to obtain the MEPCO Duplicate bill?

Have you lost your bill somewhere? Well, in such a case, no worries. Why? Simply it's due to the Multan electric supply company. It provides the facility of duplicate bills. However, you need to ensure the availability of a reference number. It will help you to get the duplicate bill online. It can be challenging to get another copy of your bill in another case.

How to find the reference number of the mepco consumer bill?

Don't remember your reference number? Stay calm; here is the solution. In order to make the references in a similar order, MEPCO has brought changes to old references. Hence, now all the reference numbers hold 14 digits. You can quickly locate the old reference number by the latest one. The online copy includes meter no and consumer no for every person.

Other ways for MEPCO Bill Check

Isn't it interesting that you can get your bills on your smartphone? It is easier to find the bill amount for this month. The other ways to get the MEPCO bills are Email or SMS. MEPCO introduces the latest feature to avoid late payment surcharges. Here are two points.

  • Registration for receiving consumer bill detail by SMS: enter the reference number as well as the mobile number
  • Registration for receiving Consumer Electricity bills Through Email: Entering the reference number and the email is another option. Afterward, press the submit button.