What everyone should know about YouTube video downloader apps - List of top free YouTube downloader apps 

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Many people are turning to the Internet for entertainment and news these days. It's essential to be able to access information quickly and reliably. Unfortunately, many websites don't offer flexibility when watching their videos offline; the best YouTube downloader apps for Mac and Windows are ideal. However, some excellent tools allow you to download and save a video file in one step. We will cover a few of these tools and explain how they work in the article below.

In fact, storing a film from a video-hosting site without one of these tools is nearly impossible. Fortunately, you can utilize one of these downloaders to your advantage regardless of whether you're on a smartphone, Mac, or Windows PC. Downloading videos is helpful for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you'll need it for a presentation. It could happen if you uploaded something in the past and no longer have access to the original file.

The most practical benefit of using a YouTube downloader is getting all of the videos you want on your computer. It will also allow you to watch them when away from your home computer. You can get all of your favorite songs and albums on your computer if you like music. And, if you want to record videos, you can save all of your favorite videos to watch later. The only thing you need to know is what kind of YouTube downloader to use.

You'll appreciate how much easier your life will be if you use a YouTube downloader. You have to put the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into one of these downloaders, and sit back and watch the rest happen automatically. Compared to using a screen recording app, this is a considerably simpler method of capturing video.

The 4K Video Downloader is our current top pick, an application that removes watermarks from downloaded videos and saves them in an ad-free format. You may even download an entire playlist at once if you'd prefer. A few paid add-ons are available, giving you access to even more capabilities.

There are, however, a few other apps that you may try out to see what works best for you. You'll find something useful here, no matter what your particular situation is. At the time of writing, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best YouTube downloader on the market.

Whenever someone tries to download videos from YouTube, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the most outstanding of the programs we've tested so far. Apart from capturing videos, it also has the capability of converting them into nearly any format, ripping content off DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and allowing you to create your own discs from scratch. It can also handle 4K content with ease. It is not accessible, unlike the applications listed below, but you will not discover YouTube downloader apps that are a more powerful utility anywhere else.

4K Video Downloader

list of top free youtube downloader apps

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In speed and ease of use, there is no better free YouTube downloader than a 4K Video Downloader. You don't have to install any other software because it's easy to use, configurable, and ad-free. It's as simple as copying the video's URL from your browser, clicking "Paste URL," and then select the output format, quality, and location you want to save it in. You can choose from many formats for both video and audio, like MP4 and MP3, so you can choose what you want. 3D and 360-degree videos are also supported; you can save individual video subtitles for offline use.

WinX YouTube Downloader

It's hard to beat WinX YouTube Downloader for downloading videos from the most significant sites, such as Vimeo and DailyMotion. It's pretty simple to use. This batch can be expanded by simply pasting a URL and selecting a result format and quality option. All you have to do is click the 'Download' button once you've entered all of the videos you want to download, and they'll all be processed at the same time and saved to the folder of your choice.

However, it cannot download 3D and 360-degree videos, inferior to the 4K Video Downloader. This free YouTube downloader is an excellent choice for those who aren't bothered by it.

Any Video Converter


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Any Video Converter Quickly becoming one of the finest free YouTube video downloader apps. The one problem is that this free edition only allows you to download a single film at a time; nevertheless, if you're seeking a free option, this may be something you're willing to overlook.

Using this YouTube Video downloader app, you may download videos in various codecs, and you can even modify them with the included rudimentary video editor. Using this, you may crop a video, apply minor effects like color modification, and add text overlays. The entire procedure is straightforward and straightforward. However, the UI of Any Video Converter may not be to everyone's taste, but that is really nitpicking; this is a superb free YouTube downloader in every other way.


Let's talk about youtube downloader apps for pc. It is an all-in-one HD video downloader for Windows that lets you save movies and audio from over a thousand websites in MP3, MP4, and other popular formats, including TED, CNN, and TEDx videos. VideoHunter is a simple-to-use yet powerful tool for downloading online videos and audio. Because of VideoHunter's high-definition capabilities (up to 1080p, 4K, and even 8K), it provides an excellent offline viewing experience.

Free YouTube Download

It doesn't matter how many times you can figure out what Free YouTube Download seems to do. This is a straightforward and focused free YouTube downloader to get the job done right. To download a YouTube video, just paste in the URL. If you turn on Auto-Download, you won't even have to do anything. It's feasible to download multiple videos at once and convert them to a range of categories on the fly. In most circumstances, you'll be able to choose between AVI, MP4, iPhone/iPod, and MKV as the video formats you can use. If you don't require the video, it is also feasible to convert it to an MP3 file that contains only the audio.


This Youtube video downloader app for PC can download from over 100 video sharing websites, such as Facebook, Dailymotion, eHow, and many more. It enables downloading movies, music videos, playlists, sports videos, and lectures. To download and convert videos, Allavsoft for PC has a one-click option for downloading and converting videos to popular formats, including MP4, AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2, and other structures like ASF and RMVB.

aTube Catcher

Free YouTube Download has only one significant restriction, and it's a significant one: it can only be used to download videos shorter than three minutes in length. For starters, this eliminates the majority of music videos, which is a true tragedy. Despite the name, this app can save videos from several of the most popular video-hosting sites, including YouTube.

People need to be aware that many sneaky ads are found during installation. There will be no surprises while using aTube Catcher since you'll be presented with two options: Cancel for the first one, and Decline for the second. It is possible to have downloaded videos immediately converted to a variety of popular formats so that they can be viewed on the device of your choice. If you want to download a large number of videos at once, you may do so without using up all of your available bandwidth - something that isn't accessible with all of the top free YouTube downloaders on our list.

Do you think it's okay to download YouTube videos from the Internet?

Keep in mind that downloading videos from outside of YouTube's servers is against the terms of service , so think twice before utilizing a free YouTube downloader. It's also possible to infringe on intellectual property rights by downloading videos unless you own the film yourself, have permission from the intellectual property owner, or have obtained permission to use the video through a public domain source.