Free WhatsApp Deal By Jazz

Free WhatsApp Deal By Jazz - jazz internet packages

65 MB

Internet Data

1 Day



Taxes are Included

Free WhatsApp is being offered to Jazz subscribers as a thank you for their loyalty. You can now make up to 10 free calls a day on WhatsApp using 65 MB of data. To begin using Jazz's free WhatsApp service, simply dial *225# to sign up.


  • To get an offer, dial: 225#
  • Jazz Package Charges: FREE
  • To check Status : 225
  • To Unsubscribe Jazz offer: 225

Clauses and conditions

  • Will limit inbound and outbound calls to 5 MB each for WhatsApp. IVR calls are not included in the evaluation process.
  • The offer is valid for both bundle and standard rate calls.
  • There is a midnight deadline for accumulating the reward. Can get incentives to a maximum of 650 MBs. After midnight, i.e, 12:00 am, the next count will begin.
  • People will be able to see rewards after the phone call is over,
  • When there is a lot of traffic on the network, incentive postings will differ.
  • There will be no reward for making another call until a previous bonus has been received. As an example, if a customer generates a second call before getting the compensation for the first call, the second call will not count toward the customer's 9-call quota for the day.
  • This deal includes access to all of WhatsApp's features.
  • No duplicate subscriptions.
  • You cannot unsubscribe from the promotion before it expires.
  • The real internet speed will be determined by various factors such as the SIM card used, the device used, the websites accessed, the time of day, the number of simultaneous users, the distance between the 2G/3G/4G site, and so on.
  • If no other data package is subscribed and the WhatsApp incentive is used up before midnight, the overage cost of Rs.2/MB will apply (12:00 am).